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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day of ghosts, goblins & witches!
Halloween is my favorite holiday....
I find that magic can happen on Halloween. Not just your typical wand yielding magic but there is something about the moon high in the sky, the stars glistening and the howl of the unknown echoing across the night. The air is invaded with mystery and light finds the ability to trick or tease the eyes. It is an evening of awareness.
Your senses gain strength and your mind opens to possibilities.
So as you wander the streets during this yearly night of frivolity keep in mind that beyond your sight, beyond your touch, beyond your understanding lies a world just waiting to share its adventures to those who will allow it...
Soft moonlight slips among the glades
The sound of fear disclosed
A shadow creeps along the path
The fear begins to grow
As midnight moves upon us
Such fun and mischief we seek
All Hallows Eve is here again
Beware the well worn creak
Darkness brings with it a mystery
Its terror and its fright
Enjoy the fun for one and all
On this bewitching night...
Happy Halloween.
(C) Courtney Barr

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh how the flames burn when you are put on the spot by an author you adore....

Okay on my lunch today I was flipping through a SELF magazine and reading the latest TWITTER updates... well a very sweet, wonderful author who I have found a great friend in put me on the burner. Her exact Tweet to me was:

@southrnprincess And when are YOU going to start your writing, ma'am? Or sharing it, at least?

Oh how she got me. I write. I write a lot in my spare time. I am constantly coming up with various plots that may or may not one day get complete. I currently have four stories that infiltrate my dreams, my musical choices, my drive to work, from work, my shower time and my down time.

They each are very, very different & would probably make you wonder about the person who can create such various characters. My husband would say "Okay, Courtney - MAN UP!" lol He has been on me for 13 years (we have been married for 3 but dated for 10) to write. He is by far one of my biggest fans and my most amazing supporter. Marcus knows the main one of the four manuscripts that is enveloping my every thought. Its characters scream the loudest and definitely want more attention.

Well, this author, *cough*Vivian*cough* called me out today. She is right. It is something I love doing and putting all my energy forward in order to get this dream done is what I should focus on. I am shortchanging myself by not trying as hard as I could. It may not ever make it where the entire world gets to see it, but if one person enjoys it then as a writer I will be accomplished.

So thank you Vivian, sometimes it takes a Tweet to get a Twit going.... ;o) (had to)

So if you call me and feel like I am ignoring you know that currently Ena, Grimly, Tara, Gage & Finley are taking up my current state of mind.... bear with me - they are a persistent group!

Reviews: Demon Princess by Michelle Rowen & The Maze Runner by James Dashner

What a weekend of reading!!!

I started off with The Maze Runner by James Dashner late Friday night/early Saturday a.m.
I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and was recommended Maze Runner by a friend who had actually not read it yet but heard it was a similar thrill ride.

To be honest the similarity is in the fact that it is about children who are being watched by what we may assume is either the world or individuals as they try to survive attacks by monsters and deadly elements. It is the outer shell of the plotline; this is where the similarity for me ended.

The main character, Thomas, is baffled by his memory loss, his arrival in this strange place and the idea that they are trapped there purposely. He immediately wants to ask a million questions, but being the new kid means keeping quiet, learning what you can then assessing your situation. He quickly discovers the Maze that surrounds the place he learns is the Glade. The Glade contains only boys, no girls. One boy a month for two years has appeared. He is the latest. At first he appears to be just like everyone else, but his appearance creates a chain of events that leads him and the reader through a true maze of questions, confusion, mystery, tragedy and discovery.

The Gladers who live in this new world are shocked when on Thomas' second day another kid arrives. This is unprecedented - two kids back to back. Then to the shocker of all shockers: it is a girl. First one in the Glade and rather than bringing a basket of cookies, she holds an ominous note along with bringing a feeling of familiarity that Thomas cannot place.

James Dashner allows Thomas' character to be one the reader will like but also will find wary of. He is a character that is so shrouded in mystery that with his million questions to the Gladers you have a million questions for him. You know that he cannot answer them because he does not know them himself, but you ask aloud as you read nonetheless.

I could not put it down. After the first few disorienting chapters I found myself on a whirlwind. Dashner definitely stands on his own with this one. It takes a wonderful look at how no matter our age survival can determine so much in our lives and the compassion we have can sometimes make survival be much more than black and white.

It is fast paced and a great start to what appears to be a series... yeah, be prepared for: END OF BOOK ONE. Those four words can haunt your dreams :o)

Sunday evening I read Demon Princess Reign or Shine by Michelle Rowen.
Talk about going from one extreme to another in books this weekend. Demon Princess is now one of my favorite reads. Michelle has a great knack for simple humor in odd situations. The main character, Nikki, just turned sixteen. Her mother just got remarried and they just moved to Canada (miles away from her old town). Due to her mother being on her 4th husband, transition is typically the norm for Nikki. Though she is about to learn what real transition is.

Nikki finds herself best friends with the most popular girl in school, Melinda. Melinda is beautiful, wealthy, funny and truly desires to continue being Nikki's best friend. Melinda has set up Nikki with the most popular guy in school. Everything in Nikki's life so far sounds pretty good, especially considering she is the new girl.

Not so fast. For teens it is never perfect, but for Nikki it is forever complicated. A guy shows up tells her that the father she has never met is a Demon King and requests her presence in his world - the Shadowlands. Yeah, imagine that while you do your geometry homework. From here forward you get a lovely taste of teen aggrivation, parental superiority, young love, self discovery and some great action.

This fun, thrilling ride was easy to read, easy to love and easily a series that is going to slip into my favorite pile. I cannot wait for Spring 2010 when we get Reign Check. I just recently discovered Michelle's books (check out her adult novels as well - especially the Immortality Bites series) and have truly enjoyed every one I have picked up. She is also great to follow on Twitter & Facebook (@michellerowen ). Be sure to pick this one up!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roll Tide Roll

*click on the 'little' pictures, they are panoramics...I took those with my phone*

Heart. Stops. Can't. Breathe.
Ball. Kicked. Ball. Blocked. Wait... BALL BLOCKED!!!! "Mount Cody" rose out of trenches so deep and pulled 350 pounds of heart & talent high enough to make sure Lincoln's attempts at field goals never make it higher than Alabama's Mountain.

Alabama makes me realize how quickly a game can make your heart stop, your breath catch in your throat and your vocal chords reverberate husky sounds meant only for grunting gorillas!
We won today. Our favorite game - Third Saturday in October (for some reason it is the 4th this year). The Vols fought hard, we had bad play calling, but good players....

Oh the drama!

Roll Tide
Bama 12
Tennessee 10
Now I must soothe my throat and enjoy the shell shocked state of victory... GO BAMA!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly stop at the bookshop yields a surprise

Yay! It is FRIDAY!!!
Normally I take a weekly stroll through a local bookstore on Sunday and grab anywhere from 2 to 4 books to read for the upcoming week. Well this week, my glorious husband mentioned the bookstore... oh how I love him..
Well this week I am excited to say my purchases include:
Michelle Rowen's Demon Princess: REIGN or SHINE
I have heard great things about this book and am so excited to read it! I absolutely adore her adult series. Yippee!!!! This one is about a 16 year old girl who discovers a truly interesting family secret, oh you know the usual: Mom's normal, daughter seems okay until weird things happen at 16th birthday, Dad actually is a demon king... You know, everyday high school issues ;0) This is the reason I love to write: exploration & creativity!
Next up:

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

This bok was recommended by someone who said if you enjoyed Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins you will love this. Well, we shall see. I am a huge Katniss fan so lets see if this one is able to be a comparison or if it opens the door to new horizons.

It is about kids who wake up with no memory of anything but their name. They awake in a place called the GLADE. It is a place that is enclosed by massive stone walls. Also, it is only boys. Then one day the first girl enters the GLADE. Thomas the main character appears to be about to discover he might have the key to discovering the maze that surrounds the GLADE but it will mean exploring his now empty mind.... Interesting.


*the picture will not show up - me & my phone may have to have a talk later!*

The Shadow Dragons by James Owen

Oh how surprised I was to find this out on the shelf. It is set to drop on October 27 and thankfully someone probably did not mean to put it out this early, but oh well. ;o)

I am so excited to continued the wonderful journey of the Imaginarium Geographica series!

Our story continues as the Caretakers are trying to save the two worlds! Classic charactes intertwine with new ones in this great adventure series! It is a MUST read for anyone!

Ahhh!!! Football this weekend, food and new books. OH HOW WONDERFUL the WEEKEND IS!!!!!

I will let you know how they both turn out! If you don't find an entry or a TWITTER from me this weekend perhaps it will speak of good reading.

Contest for a TWILIGHT BRACELET at Tynga's Urban Fantasy

For all those lovers of Team Edward OR Team Jacob, Tynga over at Tynga's Urban Fantasy Reviews is giving away an awesome charm bracelet! It was donated by CHARM FACTORY. They have some really cool Twilight items if you want to window shop or get something for the upcoming NEW MOON premiere!!! LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!!!

All you have to do is click this link and see the requirements:

Ooooooh I hope I win!!! *crosses fingers* *grins*

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Morning Breath vs the Memory of a Dream....

It never ceases to amaze me how vivid dreams appear. If only I could just project them by saying a magic word or blinking 3 times. Then there are my fragment dreams, not as vivid but with poignant parts that I NEED to remember & write down. Alas sometimes though 'morning mind' is not helpful.
You see there is that moment between sleep and awake where a little voice says "Hey that is a good plot idea/character trait/hot guy that needs to find its way into my writing journal." But there is also that voice that says "What? Oh its morning. Yeah, need to brush teeth now." The problem is sometimes the two talking over one another blurs out the vision. So I find myself writing down:
"I think I had a good dream. Morning Breath disagreed with me today."
Yeah... that was this morning. I did jot down a few things that I am pleased were allowed to pass through the haze of waking up. I dream every night. I remember something if not all of it everyday. It can be intimidating to remember so much or to see so much sometimes. Thankfully it is rare that I ever dream about someone I know. Weird, huh? It is almost always character based. So the little snippet that I wrote down is more of a character trait that I liked. But oh my memory tells me she had so much more to offer, but Stinky Breath said she was boring. So we will see. It is often that I have recurring characters in dreams so maybe if she reappears I will get another chance to see who was right...
For now, I must take comfort in knowing that even though Morning Breath ruined that thought, I am about to ruin Morning Breath with the powerful Trusty Toothbrush....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My First Blog AWARD!!!!

Thank you so much Shannon from Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe ( http// ) !

It is such an honor to be recognized... and now my thanks to the little people... ahem... anyway.... ;o)

I was flabbergasted (love that word by the way) when I saw my name listed.

Okay, I understand there are some attached duties to this award so here they are:

And now: The Rules for the winners
1. Copy the Kreativ Blogger picture and post it on your page
2. Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to their blog
3. Write seven things about you that we don't know
4. Choose seven other bloggers that you would like to give the award to
5. Link to the bloggers that you choose
6. Let the winners know that they have the lovely award.

Okay, so the first two are done. Here's number three...

Seven Things You Don't Know About Me
*this is going to be hard - I am such an open book due to blogging.....
1. I sneak homemade sour cream & onion popcorn and Fiddle Faddle toffee popcorn into the movie theater....yeah I know "No Outside Food or Drink" but while I may be an impulse shopper on books, shoes, purses, jewelry, clothes & just about everything else; popcorn is something I am cheap AND picky about.
2. I cannot wear jeans anymore without being extremely uncomfortable. Oh the sad day. My scar from last year is the culprit. The zipper line runs right down it & I must say 'soft & comfortable' is not descriptive of denim and zippers. :o(
3. I once rode a pig... after prom... outside a limo.... formal attire optional... you really have to be from the deep south to understand this one....
4. I drove home in only a wet bra & panties after a 'war' with my classmates and an older class caused my clothing to be covered in ketchup, flour, eggs, mustard, honey, salad dressing, sardines, and toilet paper...again deep south...Lord help us... ;o)
5. I know the rules of the sport, have agreed to participate of my own free will, and have enjoyed the participation of.....armadillo hunting
6. I crave a true cottage in the woods to live in one day. (maybe I am a witch just searching for the breadcrumbs of little children... muahahahahahahah....then again I could just be looking for seven dwarfs to do the housework)
7. I hate the following movies: Message in a Bottle, Hope Floats, Nights in Rodanthe, and HOT ROD. First three - SO depressing, Last one - SOOOOOO STUPID!

Okay that is much harder than you originally expect! Geez.

Now to pass this award on to fellow bloggers who I LOVE to visit. Each one is unique, interesting, and worth a glance for various reasons.
(Even though 3 of them are family, that did not rule the decision, it was more that sometimes you think that following a blog of someone you know as family would be boring or redundant. No, it actually allows a view of someone you *think* you know but really have only ever scratched the surface of their personality)

Annies Eats ( ) Okay, Annie posts about food. She blogs on trying new recipes, the recipe itself, how it turned out & the response she received. Let me tell you, if you stop by browse her past entries - this girl makes my mouth water every single post!)
Barefoot Weaver ( ) OME! This blog showcases a designer I found on ETSY.COM who makes the most beautiful scarves, wraps, wristbands, etc. So talented and so fun... especially since you can own her pieces.
The Edhegard Family ( ) Cutest little girls & their adventures with family and friends. (The blogger is one of my best friend has a knack for keeping us all up to date on her two daughter's lives with adorable pictures and mini stories. It is never not a fun stop at this one)
Lemons & Lemonade ( ) Okay I mean the name: LEMONS & LEMONADE, doesn't that already make your day better with its classic concept of positive thinking? Okay this one features the comings and goings of my other best friend. Her honesty is what will make you click on her in your blog roll every time. She is a southern girl at heart & a kindred spirit I discovered ten years ago. A Seattle girl first, then BAMA engulfed her senses and now she lives in the Midwest...I know we are trying to get her back down here again, we will, we will.
Preppy Southern Princess ( ) Okay those that know me will link on this blog see the TENNESSEE orange T and run back to me going WHAT? But this young girl is blogging about life as Tennessee Volunteer Sorority girl and also just about being a southern princess. I mean come on we are both royalty. Even though our armies fight one another every year (interestingly enough this weekend coming up) I still respect her blogging about her realm. She really seems to be so sweet & I love some of her entries. They are perfectly fitting to her age & current state in life. It is refreshing and reminiscent in some ways...
Vivian Marie Aubin du Paris ( ) This is a friend I discovered through her wonderful first book. Not only is it a great read, but she is also a wonderful person. I found a friend, a fellow writer (congrats to her on being a published one - I hope to one day join the ranks!), a lover of good books, fellow twitter fan, SUPERNATURAL lover, SteamPunk fan (which is really cool by the way) and an all around genuinely nice person.
Watson6 ( ) Okay this is my sister. Yeah...note she has not updated in a month... this award is what I am calling: YOUR NOTE TO UPDATE YOUR FUN BLOG!!! lol Really though she is a mother of four and when the entries are there they are definitely entertaining. She has 2 boys & 2 girls (12 & under - no twins) God Bless her....

Now please note that my blogroll on the left is full of tons of other blogs who I did not send this too, please do not hold that against them. Peruse the list, find a new book lover, another cook, cakes to that make you laugh so hard coke comes through your nose, or maybe just link to keep up with the entertainment industry. No matter which blog you choose each has its on pros & cons. Maybe one of them will win an award from you!

Oh a very special note about the blogger who gave me mine. Shannon's blog is cheeky, honest, and so much fun to read! I hate we missed each other at Project Book Babe but am so glad to have discovered her now!

Finally done. Now scoot, go give some awards, type a post that leaks embarrassing things we did not know about you...come on... git! ;o)


Okay this is just crap!
Recently I commented on Shannon Messenger's blog about those pesky dates with insomnia. Well karma came and sat by my keyboard last week. You see my 3 a.m. 'friend' had been MIA for about a week... then last night he came with bells on! Actually with high pitched, make my dog shake and crawl up onto my chest in the middle of the night bells.
Our battery in the master bedroom smoke alarm decided to die out at 3 a.m. last night/this morning. Universal smoke alarm SS-790 decided that my insomnia's nice easy wake up and sit around had been leading me into a boring relationship, so it decided that not only would we bring insomnia back over for a sip of cran-grape juice but also made the choice to add horrible musical atmosphere! Oh and by the way the Universal SS-790 and I came to terms with who really is the boss....
This is what kills me: Marcus actually slept through the first 11 beeps, my dragging of the ladder, my cursing as I could not find the batteries with a flashlight, then the cursing as I stubbed my toe on the bedpost. However he did not sleep through Peanut climbing under the covers and literally trying to burrow into Marcus' back as he slept.
one hour later and one serious talk with a 9 volt battery, my date continued until 4:45 but the music stopped. The best part about this date was that it occurred with a beautiful open sky full of stars. I stepped outside after getting my juice and from the deck saw such a beautiful heavenly space that my heart actually melted a little for my date. He may pop up at the worst time with terrible choice in music and cause me to be very grumpy at work; but every now and then he lets me in on those secrets of the night...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Guess where I spent the last day....

Yeah....lovely new jewelry, dontcha think? I am supposed to wear them for 24 hours in case I have to be re-admitted.....

I just spent a day & half in the wonderful Northport DCH hospital. Again thinking that I had a kidney stone (same thought as last year) - terrible pain, cannot sit still, tears flowing, bowled over pain on my right side.

They hook me up with fluids on an IV, give me some pain meds because of course it sounds like textbook kidney stone, right? Wrong... again.

After an uncomfortable-must-not-move-a-single-centimeter CT Scan & ultrasound; guess what? A cyst on the only ovary I have left. Thankfully this cyst is not the size of a football like last years ovary killing cyst monster. This cyst though large enough for me to pinpoint exact location due to pain is small enough that they want it to absolve itself or to pop.
Yes - pop. Yuck. I understand that if it pops I will feel a sharp pain then the pain should slowly subside. If it absolves itself it will happen more slowly and I will feel mild to sharp pain for an extended amount of time....yeah the difference between the two is so vague that even the pain meds make more sense.

So in the time that I was at the hospital (Late wednesday night until Thursday afternoon) I was shot up with some serious amounts of Phenegran(no idea how to spell) & Demoral. Both cheeks have more than one mark left from the shots. ;o(

They sent me home with some serious oral pain meds but with the addendum that if the pain shoots back up to an 8 or 10 on a 1-10 scale again, please return to the hospital. Yeeeaaaahhhh... My doctor hopes that this one will pop or pass on its on. With me they try to avoid any type of incision, be it traditional or laproscopic.

The major learning curve in this entire episode: Due to last years abnormal cyst attack I now am more prone to have problems with cyst. Especially during ovulation. Meaning they said this could happen once a month, every month. Okay little cramps related to cysts I can handle - cysts that make me feel like the butcher knife and the baseball bat are learning how to spar while dancing on my right side - not so welcome in this house!

Sorry for the alarmingly descriptive body rant in this post, I think the meds are making me a little *witchy* today. Anyway, I will grumble and gripe to the dog while he keeps me company during my awake hours today...Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Growing up too fast...

Okay my siblings have wonderful children. I remember so many births, vividly ;o)

Nina's oldest, Jon, just attended that ever spectacular and so important Homecoming. He is in the 7th grade. Yeah, 7th grade! He is so handsome and just going to drive girls crazy & his parents... ;o) Look at this cutie!

*on the end - far right

*on the left

My brother has twin boys who are the same age as my sister's oldest. Coy (one of the twins) is playing football this year. He is awesome. Finally beyond that awkward stage in sports, it just clicked one day. Look at this strong young man! (he looks so much like his dad!!!)
*obviously the twins get along as expected.... ;o)

Jessica, my sister's youngest girl just had a birthday. Not just any birthday either, that all important, I get to get my ears pierced 8th birthday! Check out the pics of her, her sister Anna, & their friends.

*Anna is second from the left & Jessica is third from the left

Anyway, this post is merely just to brag a bit about my nieces and nephews...This is just a snippet of them, too. Nina also has Christian & Anna who are always up to something. Eric has Colton who is constantly being a mess. Rob has Regan & Riley they are two gorgeous little girls. Jeremy has David - the fifteen year old & the grown Erica & John. All of them are amazing. I am constantly surprised, impressed, proud, and excited for everything I get to take part in during their lives.

Monday, October 12, 2009


SO much has happened since my last post.

Marcus, Arthur and myself went to a signing and tasting in Birmingham at Southern Progress. Chris & Idie Hastings have just released their first cookbook: HOT & HOT Fish Club Cookbook. HOT & HOT is a restaurant located in Birmingham and has become a staple on the Southern gourmet circuit. We were lucky enough to receive invites to the private signing & tasting. It was wonderful! The food was amazing, the champagne even better :o) The cheese platter made me immediately glad we went. I love good cheese and this particular tasting did not disappoint. Chris & Idie were gracious and shared some good stories. Southern Progress has a beautiful building perfect for these types of events. We mingled, tasted then went out for some dessert and fun discussions. It was a great time.

Arthur tried an oyster shot and lets just say the pictures tell the story the best....

After coming back from Camden the other weekend and seeing the fam the week started off fairly calm... then Tuesday happened.

My mother calls me saying "Are you sitting down?" okay this question should never have been invented - nothing good follows those four words. I had just hung up with one of my favorite people, Tracy; we had been discussing the upcoming holidays. So I told my mom "no" she said to sit. I did and then she began to just let loose a string of words"Your father fell, we are loading him in the ambulance and heading to Montgomery. He fell down the stairs at the house. We know he broke his ankle and are sure they will have to do surgery. Surgery will either be tonight or tomorrow morning. Please call your sister & try to reach your brother." Then she breathed and said "Are you there?" um yeah mom, honestly rapt attention has never been so good of a description nor has shocked and wondering if she is sure it was dad and not herself. You see the women in our family tend to be pretty clumsy - actually mom just fell down those same stairs 3 weeks ago. So after confirming that it was in fact dad I called my sister and then the next 7 hours were crazy worry. They did do surgery that night and I headed to Camden the next day. He is in an air cast while he has stitches then he moves to a regular cast. 6 weeks no weight bearing on that leg. NO WEIGHT BEARING. Yeah....poor mom. Because after 6 weeks there will be more weeks of recovery and rehab. Eh. What is our family without some sort of injury? ;o)
Driving to Camden is long and full of the beauties of Alabama. There are poignant points that Marcus and I always think of when we describe the drive. Below are some of our favorites.

This past weekend Marcus, Arthur and myself went out again. Dinner at BoneFish Grill with some amazing Creme Brulee and the movie Couples Retreat. Hilarious by the way. But be prepared for its cute situations it really does take a hard look at 4 couples and their problems.

Alabama beat Ole Miss 22 - 3. Roll Tide. Rob came over for a 'play date' weekend. We all watched the game then on Sunday we slipped to Camden to visit my dad again.
Today I happened to be scrolling down my blog and saw an extra comment on an entry. If anyone follows Janette Rallison's blog then you might see a mention of me. I am so excited! I won one of the books she was giving away on her blog and let me tell you I squealed so loudly Marcus thought we had won the lottery... Peanut just gave me kisses thinking I was upset. It is so awesome!!! Anyway, she is an amazing author and if you get the chance to grab a book of hers, I recommend How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend. It was the first I read of hers and since then I look for her books every time I go to Barnes and Noble. She is witty in her writing and wonderful in person. I was blessed to meet her this past Spring and it was worth every moment.

Whew - well we are up to date now. lol. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October is here, along with a play about Death & some yummy Pancakes...

It has been a few weeks since I posted an entry. We have been so busy lately! Between work, football, extra activities & just adjusting to the fact that it is OCTOBER!!! Seriously where has the year gone? Halloween happens to be my FAVORITE holiday. I have been ready for October for weeks in the holiday sense. This year it falls on a Saturday, how fun will that be? I would love to throw a Halloween party, but I will have to see how the month goes.
This past weekend, we went to Camden. Friday night we got into town & discovered how extremely tired we were. Last week I was in the lovely state of Arkansas on business. Yes I was traveling again...

Saturday was a wonderful day. Alabama played Kentucky (we won 38-20) then I met up with my best friend Stacie to drive to Montgomery to see The Shadow Box at AUM. I had looked up this play prior to the trip so as to be prepared. The first review I saw for the Tony Award winning script was that the story was about death. Yep death. Quite an interesting Saturday night theme. ;o) It is about death but most interestingly to me is that in focusing on 3 terminally ill patients and how they are coping actually shifted the theme to life. It became about how those left behind cope with watching a loved one die and also about how the loved one chooses to spend those last moments. The acting was good, though being set in the 70's the clothing left a great deal to be desired. lol No matter the drive up there, dinner, & the company was worth every moment. It was so much fun to slip out of town away from everything and spend some girl time with Stace. (though she might kill me for the video I am putting on here from my phone from Intermission of the play...hee hee).

Sunday arrived with a cloudy sky and pancakes. MMMMMM... my mom and her pancakes. God Bless Her! Then we decided to make some Pecan Pie Muffins & Tea Cakes. OME!!!OME!!! YUM YUM YUM!! The tea cakes really are something special. Every time we have them my mind just rushes with memories. Mom made the comment that they are like childhood and she is right. They are a simple cookie that opens my mind to memories of fresh blackberries, strawberries and summer afternoons. They make me think of batter that runs together making a mass of vanilla goodness and those afternoons where school drove you crazy but mom was there with kool aid and a tea cake. It is familiar, comforting, and special. There is also nothing like cooking in the kitchen with my mom. It always makes me smile...