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Monday, May 19, 2008


LOL! 13 days since my last post! wow - so many little things to update... my goodness.

4-25-08: My beach trip with mom was a blast! It was SOOOO relaxing! We chilled on the beach, we ate our way through SanDestin & definitely shopped our way around the area! Mom got a beautiful new Coach purse! So proud. :) I found some adorable clothes & jewelry. We had sno-cones, the best sweet potato chips you have ever eaten & some wonderful seafood. More than all the outings though I really enjoyed the time with mom. We rarely get out of town just girls, it is needed more often than it is able. We did miss the fact that Nina was unable to attend, but are glad she got to go to Savannah at least. (plus we are jealous she ate at Paula Deen's The Lady & Sons).

5-9 & 5-10: Dad's Birthday & Mother's Day weekend! Wow so much to do in 3 short days. Dad had a good birthday. An amazing birthday dinner - fried deermeat, mashed potatoes, beans, gravy - YUMMY!!! Nina's crew came down for the first time in many, many years! We played volleyball in the yard, swam, cooked it was so much fun!!!

5-15: Movies with Eric & Mindy- What Happens in Vegas! - very funny. Eric & Mindy were good. We were supposed to all be at a Tim McGraw concert but it was rescheduled for June 3
Eric's birthday was the 16th as well as my brother in law Keith's.

5-17: Crawfish boil. It was a lot of fun! We went over to some friends & they had a huge crawfish boil for everybody. Yummy!

5-18: Movie - Prince Caspian. This one was awesome, we actually enjoyed it better than the first iteration of the Chronicles. So good, but the highlight of the movie experience was in the previews: YEP I SAW THE TWILIGHT PREVIEW ON THE BIG SCREEN!! OME! OME! OME! I could not breathe while it played across. I am so excited. (I actually chose that time slot for Caspian based on the theater assuring me that with that time I would see my trailer :):):):) hee hee!)

Anway, that is the 2 weeks while I have been away! I promise a more enthused post later!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Host

Well I bought The Host yesterday on my lunch break. I read 1 chapter at lunch then at 5 p.m. got home & began a new journey. This book is by Stephenie Meyer (you know my Twilight author); it is her first adult/sci-fi/fantasy book.
Okay I finished the book around 2:47 a.m. It was very good. I was caught off guard by its twist and turns through humanity. Twilight is first & foremost a love story - the Host however will make you question your depth of compassion. The true meaning of being 'human' and the way we take advantage of the beautiful world we live in. It explores our flaws, the concept of a supposed more intelligent peace minding species that could better our world. I found myself crying through most of the book. There are light areas of laughter, but on the whole your main characters are really being tested, they are going through a difficult discovery that is both exciting and terrifying. Emotions run higher than any I have read...If you don't usually read sci-fi don't shy away from this one. Stephenie manages again to create characters that make the abnormal very normal. I really enjoyed this book. It cannot be compared to Twilight in any way - they are apples & oranges. But their one resemblence is the depth of her characters, how she makes you want to know every facet of their reactions. I found in the core of this story on compassion the meaning of family. Who we encounter day in and day out is not always our family, where we live & who we live with does not immediately mean acceptance. It is when our hearts & our minds are open to the character, to the 'soul' of someone that we begin to create or break family ties. Anyway, I hope that any of you with any spare time will read it and remember to keep an open mind & open heart for each person you encounter during the journey...

Monday, May 5, 2008


At the bottom of my blog is the Teaser Trailer released today 5-5-2008 by Summit Entertainment.
This video is from MySpaceTV & is the Official.