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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day of ghosts, goblins & witches!
Halloween is my favorite holiday....
I find that magic can happen on Halloween. Not just your typical wand yielding magic but there is something about the moon high in the sky, the stars glistening and the howl of the unknown echoing across the night. The air is invaded with mystery and light finds the ability to trick or tease the eyes. It is an evening of awareness.
Your senses gain strength and your mind opens to possibilities.
So as you wander the streets during this yearly night of frivolity keep in mind that beyond your sight, beyond your touch, beyond your understanding lies a world just waiting to share its adventures to those who will allow it...
Soft moonlight slips among the glades
The sound of fear disclosed
A shadow creeps along the path
The fear begins to grow
As midnight moves upon us
Such fun and mischief we seek
All Hallows Eve is here again
Beware the well worn creak
Darkness brings with it a mystery
Its terror and its fright
Enjoy the fun for one and all
On this bewitching night...
Happy Halloween.
(C) Courtney Barr

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  1. Hi Southern Princess,

    Thanks for coming by my blog today and your comment totally made my day! You are so sweet!!! Your blog is fun, I'm totally following now!


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