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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesdays Written Word: Guardian

A warm breeze slips into the living room,
Champagne fabric flutters against the glass.
Crickets chatter outside the window sill
They watch, waiting for the weekly selection.
He smiles as he reaches into the small bowl.
Silence fills the air...
He speaks the word quietly.


The crickets hold their breath as I begin to type..

"Do you think it will be okay?" he asked.

"Well of course, I mean how would it not be?" she responded quietly.

"Don't you think it will need someone?" he whispered

"Of course, we all need someone." She could not hide the exasperation in her tone

"So...then how will it be okay?" He pressured. His nervous fingers began picking at the eternal scab on his knee.

"Because it has us." Her tone was so sure that he merely nodded in response.

"Plus, I mean, its not like we are going anywhere; are we?" she whispered hesitantly.

He could not ignore the trace of fear as she spoke. They had waited so long, so very long.

"No. We will always be here." He reached for her hand, lacing his fingers with hers.

The tear that fell onto their hands startled him. This was new. He looked at her face and saw her watching it roll across their fingers.

"Its okay. It will be okay. I know it." he squeezed her a hand a little tighter as he spoke and stood up.

"Okay. You promise?" This time she met his eyes, seeking his face for reassurance.

He stared back marveling at how green her eyes were. He looked like a leprechaun reflected in the deep green irises. Her face was contorted into a worried expression and the tears glistened against a myriad of peach freckles.

"I promise." He had not realized how important this was to her until this moment.

"Then we can go now." She began to pull him out of the room.

As they reached the window, she stopped and turned back. He mirrored her movements.

Curled up on the small daybed was a young girl. The room was empty except for a small suitcase full of clothes and a trunk filled with toys. Their eyes roamed the walls and the floor, seeing what used to be rather than what lay in front of them.

She sighed and pointed to the corner. At once he remembered the doll house that she had loved so dearly.

"We can show her where it is tomorrow, for now she needs her sleep." He moved again, pulling her with him. She stood still and shook her head.

"What if she doesn't want us?" Again he heard the fear.

"She will. We can teach her so many things - we will be the ones to show her the way. Now come on..let's go see everyone else." He released her hand and left through the open window.

"No one else matters." She thought as he left.

A final glance around the room had her watching the girl again. Her long blonde hair braided neatly, her arm tightly wound around an old teddy bear. The girl was content, sleeping peacefully in a warm bed in her new home. She had no idea what was waiting for her at sunrise. She would be afraid, she would be excited and she would be loved.

The thought made her guardian smile. She would go now and see the others. Finally feeling relaxed at the prospect of sharing all that she knew. Because this time it was different, this time everything would go as it should.

Moving towards the window she smiled at the night sky. Yes, they would teach her everything, they would protect her and it would make all the difference because she was special.

"You will change the world, little one." she whispered disappearing into the night.

Wishing you a Warm & Sunny Wednesday!
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  1. Beautiful. I wish I'd had a guardian like that. (Or maybe I did but just never realized it)

  2. Champaigne fabric flutters against the glass-- lovely image!

  3. Happy warm and sunny Wednesday, too!

    I like that he looked like a leprechaun in her eyes. Cool!

  4. Yeah, what Wendy and Lola said! Ha ha ha.

    I loved it, Courtney - the words just flow like water. :-)

  5. What a great post/writing. You are one talented girl. :)

  6. Happy Wednesday to you, too. That was lovely. Thank you very much. :)

  7. I really enjoyed this - well written and well done!

  8. Love this exercise! Love that last image...

  9. You have a talent for drawing the reader, making him care and listening for the next clue to the future. Thanks for putting so much effort into making a delightful and entertaining blog, Roland


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