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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesdays Written Word: YIELD

Wednesdays Written Word is here again! Yep and this time we pulled out:

Simon started the week out with a PG/MG LOVE SCENE Blogfest and well thanks to that my mind has been on love scenes.

So when this week's word was pulled from the hat, it just so happened my head was geared towards this type of scene.

His breathing was labored as he lay on the grass beside her. They had raced all the way from the boat house; collapsing in laughter on the ground. His arms were above his head and she lay close to his side. His heart rate was pulsing so loudly he could barely hear her giggling. She rolled towards him and shoved at his side.

"You're faster now! Last summer you barely could beat me!" Her breath echoed his own as she spoke.

He grinned and turned towards her. Sweat slid down his forehead and his side ached from the exertion but looking at her wide golden eyes had him forgetting the pain.

"You've just gotten slow." He reached to tug the brown ponytail that lay against her shoulder but stopped. A small piece of grass was stuck against her smiling cheek and he moved it instead. He felt her warm skin and all at once his breathing changed. The heartbeat that had begun to slow now quickened again.

He had never noticed the freckles that lay across the bridge of her nose before. All at once he saw the light green flecks in her eyes, the way her hair was curling in the heat and the way her mouth seemed to pout even as she smiled. He leaned forward and let his eyes discover something he had overlooked for too many years.
Anna's head felt like it was going to explode!

The run from the boat house had her breathing as though she had ran a marathon. She was a good runner and extremely fast but this time it seemed James had beaten her from the get go. The grass was cool against her skin and as she stared at her favorite person in the whole world she felt it tilt a little.

She had loved him for eight years. Ever since his family had begun to vacation at The Bluff. He had spent every summer since with her; every day. At first her parents had thought it great that she had a playmate but now, now that they were older her parents had reservations about someone who could only share a few months with her.

Now she looked at him. His familiar brown eyes were studying her as if they had never seen her before. She wanted to punch him in the gut and tell him how he has just been an idiot for being so blind. Sure, she had never once asked him out; but how could she, they spent every night together for four months straight!

How do you say, well tonight will be the date night?
There isn't THAT much to do in this town.

Her body began to tremble as he moved the grass from her cheek. He leaned in and her heart began to race. She just knew that if he kissed her right then she may never let him go. She had never really dated anyone else. James was the only one she wanted to be with so why string some poor sap along?

She wondered if he realized that this would not be their first kiss. It had been in the boathouse his first summer here when they had seen his older sister making out with that scraggly rowing teacher. They had wondered why anyone would want to stick their mouths together...yuck.

But it wasn't yuck.

It was something she had dreamed of for years. She wanted James to kiss her and she wanted to be with him; only him.
Her eyes softened as he stared. How long had he been looking at her? One minute, two, five? He could not stop. He moved to a half sitting position and she mirrored his movements. How long had she been this beautiful? How long had she been this exciting? How long had he wanted her to be his and only his? Inhaling softly his heart slowed down as the answer slammed him in the gut. Since the day he met her. He had dated girls off and on for years at school never understanding why he did not like any of them enough to take the next step.

Now he knew. He had been looking for Anna in every one.

She moved towards him, closing the already small distance and before she could speak he kissed her. At first slow and easy then the kiss became more demanding.

In that second they lost themselves.
Anna could not breathe. All she could do was taste. Every muscle in her body ached from the long run yet her heart forced it to ignore the pain. She knelt over him on the soft grass and kissed him again. Her ponytail was hanging limply on her shoulder and he began to remove the elastic band. Her brown hair tumbled around her face and she blushed.

She could not believe that he was going to be hers.

He murmured her name and she almost lost control.

His hands were on her arms and he pulled her down to him.
James watched her hair shine in the sunlight. The forest around them was growing dim from the setting sun, but all he could see was Anna. Her golden skin was soft and warm.

At first his hands were clumsy, not yet calming down from the excitement of discovery. But now he watched as she became something even more within his arms. He could feel her heartbeat with his as he touched her and with every touch he discovered something new.
Anna's eyes grew soft as she explored every inch of him. The moment arrived where they were no longer turning back. She trusted him completely and without any hesitation she gave him everything she was.
James held her tight as they lay beneath a sky streaked with yellow and pink.

He knew that this would change everything.

That there was no way to go back to the way it was before.

For a second he was scared.

She was the most important person in his life. He did not want to hurt her. He looked into her eyes and watched the smile spread across her face. It was then that he realized he had already given her his heart.

Kissing her softly he felt a pleasant shiver as he gave her every ounce of his soul....


  1. Oooh, I love the part where he lets his eyes see something he's overlooked for years. That's breathless. :)

  2. definitely love this line: "He leaned forward and let his eyes discover something he had overlooked for too many years."

    you've got something great here! best of luck with everything!


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