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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Morning Breath vs the Memory of a Dream....

It never ceases to amaze me how vivid dreams appear. If only I could just project them by saying a magic word or blinking 3 times. Then there are my fragment dreams, not as vivid but with poignant parts that I NEED to remember & write down. Alas sometimes though 'morning mind' is not helpful.
You see there is that moment between sleep and awake where a little voice says "Hey that is a good plot idea/character trait/hot guy that needs to find its way into my writing journal." But there is also that voice that says "What? Oh its morning. Yeah, need to brush teeth now." The problem is sometimes the two talking over one another blurs out the vision. So I find myself writing down:
"I think I had a good dream. Morning Breath disagreed with me today."
Yeah... that was this morning. I did jot down a few things that I am pleased were allowed to pass through the haze of waking up. I dream every night. I remember something if not all of it everyday. It can be intimidating to remember so much or to see so much sometimes. Thankfully it is rare that I ever dream about someone I know. Weird, huh? It is almost always character based. So the little snippet that I wrote down is more of a character trait that I liked. But oh my memory tells me she had so much more to offer, but Stinky Breath said she was boring. So we will see. It is often that I have recurring characters in dreams so maybe if she reappears I will get another chance to see who was right...
For now, I must take comfort in knowing that even though Morning Breath ruined that thought, I am about to ruin Morning Breath with the powerful Trusty Toothbrush....

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  1. Wow. The only things I think when I wake up are either "Why insomnia, WHY?" or "No--that can't be my alarm--I was FINALLY asleep." Which of course erases all remnants of dreams, if I actually slept long enough to have one. *sighs*


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