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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roll Tide Roll

*click on the 'little' pictures, they are panoramics...I took those with my phone*

Heart. Stops. Can't. Breathe.
Ball. Kicked. Ball. Blocked. Wait... BALL BLOCKED!!!! "Mount Cody" rose out of trenches so deep and pulled 350 pounds of heart & talent high enough to make sure Lincoln's attempts at field goals never make it higher than Alabama's Mountain.

Alabama makes me realize how quickly a game can make your heart stop, your breath catch in your throat and your vocal chords reverberate husky sounds meant only for grunting gorillas!
We won today. Our favorite game - Third Saturday in October (for some reason it is the 4th this year). The Vols fought hard, we had bad play calling, but good players....

Oh the drama!

Roll Tide
Bama 12
Tennessee 10
Now I must soothe my throat and enjoy the shell shocked state of victory... GO BAMA!

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