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Sunday, October 4, 2009

October is here, along with a play about Death & some yummy Pancakes...

It has been a few weeks since I posted an entry. We have been so busy lately! Between work, football, extra activities & just adjusting to the fact that it is OCTOBER!!! Seriously where has the year gone? Halloween happens to be my FAVORITE holiday. I have been ready for October for weeks in the holiday sense. This year it falls on a Saturday, how fun will that be? I would love to throw a Halloween party, but I will have to see how the month goes.
This past weekend, we went to Camden. Friday night we got into town & discovered how extremely tired we were. Last week I was in the lovely state of Arkansas on business. Yes I was traveling again...

Saturday was a wonderful day. Alabama played Kentucky (we won 38-20) then I met up with my best friend Stacie to drive to Montgomery to see The Shadow Box at AUM. I had looked up this play prior to the trip so as to be prepared. The first review I saw for the Tony Award winning script was that the story was about death. Yep death. Quite an interesting Saturday night theme. ;o) It is about death but most interestingly to me is that in focusing on 3 terminally ill patients and how they are coping actually shifted the theme to life. It became about how those left behind cope with watching a loved one die and also about how the loved one chooses to spend those last moments. The acting was good, though being set in the 70's the clothing left a great deal to be desired. lol No matter the drive up there, dinner, & the company was worth every moment. It was so much fun to slip out of town away from everything and spend some girl time with Stace. (though she might kill me for the video I am putting on here from my phone from Intermission of the play...hee hee).

Sunday arrived with a cloudy sky and pancakes. MMMMMM... my mom and her pancakes. God Bless Her! Then we decided to make some Pecan Pie Muffins & Tea Cakes. OME!!!OME!!! YUM YUM YUM!! The tea cakes really are something special. Every time we have them my mind just rushes with memories. Mom made the comment that they are like childhood and she is right. They are a simple cookie that opens my mind to memories of fresh blackberries, strawberries and summer afternoons. They make me think of batter that runs together making a mass of vanilla goodness and those afternoons where school drove you crazy but mom was there with kool aid and a tea cake. It is familiar, comforting, and special. There is also nothing like cooking in the kitchen with my mom. It always makes me smile...


  1. So glad you had a great trip down and got to see Stacie and have your momma yummy cooking! Can't wait to catch up with you!

  2. Hey Southern Princess, I decided to give away my copy of the old, New Dawn (I know, that sounds odd) and you won that. So send me your regular address at jrallisonfans @ yahoo . com


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