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Monday, January 21, 2008

Whew! Catching Up...(check pictures below)

It has been WAY too long since my last post! There has been so much craziness since my birthday week. I went to Knoxville on business, ran into some snow flurries on the drive back, then 3 days later saw some real snow in Atlanta! Crazy!
Eric, Mindy, Marcus & I saw George Strait, Sara Johns, Little Big Town & a surprise visit from Kenny Chesney up in Birmingham on the 17th. It was so awesome! The music was very impressive, Little Big Town harmonizes like no other group! Sara Johns really surprised a great deal of people in the arena, she is absolutely beautiful & has a great country voice. George, oh George... the man has 55 #1 hits, he could have played all night without running out of songs... he is still such a cute man. There happened to be an audience member that popped in on Amarillo by Morning ---- Kenny Chesney! Great show.
Friday the 18th Mom & I headed up to Atlanta to see Nina & family. It was so much fun. Friday night we got in, had a wonderful meal & just messed around. Talking, laughing, playing the piano... lets just say it has been a long time since I sat at a piano and actually played real music. Anyway, Saturday was the big day. We had a tea time of 2:30 p.m. @ Tea Leaves & Thyme. This place is adorable! I have read about it in Southern Living, Southern Lady, Tea Time, all these great magazines speak so highly of the establishment. They are right. A traditional tea, full with tea sandwiches, scones, lemon curd, tarts, oh goodness the food is so awesome! We put on big hats, gloves, lifted a few pinkies, wrapped mink on our shoulders & enjoyed a girly day. Then of course what do a group of girls do after tea? Shop! We explored Woodstock & found the town to be delightful!
Sunday was the day of relaxation & fun. Nina & I surprised mom with a movie: 27 Dresses. (I had seen it when it came to Tuscaloosa as a sneak peek & loved it!) The three of us then headed to a couple stores & back to the house.
After a rousing game of Disney Scene It edition 2 with the kids (ME & ANNA WON!! WOOHOO!!), we watched some football & headed to bed (my sister & I watched the oddest Cheerleader movie: Bring it On 3 - In it to Win it!). Monday morning came early & mom & I were out the door, heading back to Bama! Poor Marcus had been at the house snowed/cold in for the weekend, so needless to say I was very missed.... What a whirlwind few weeks...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well it has been a wonderful birthday week (those who have talked to me know that I sound like my head is stuffed with cotton & my voice is low and whispery = MARCUS GAVE ME HIS COLD!!) even while I have been sick. This year it started on the 3rd & for the first two nights Marcus was still tired from being sick so I was easy on him. Saturday night mom & dad came up and dinner out was great. I love when mom & dad come to visit us, there is just something about being able to enjoy being with your parents. Mine are so cute. They are still so much in love, it radiates from them; of course dad constantly pinching mom on the rear or nibbling on her ears is a good indicator, there is also that understanding between them. It is beautiful to be in their presence. Sunday morning mom made us breakfast & because I seemed to be feeling better Marcus & I were to keep our plans for a day of shopping in Birmingham!!! WOOHOO!!! I have been saving & planning for the past two weeks. We hit DSW & World Market - shoes & food, life is good. :) The Summit of course was next and let me tell you Oh, how I love to shop after the holidays = SALES SALES SALES!!! White House Black Market was waiting for me... the stuff I got was awesome!! An amazing dress that is so fun, outgoing & just spontaneous!!! It is this precious bubble dress with a black & white graphic print, scoop neck, & a smooth silk fabric that falls so sweetly!!! Then I got all these tops, pair of pants, some shoes - all on sale. Plus if you go during your birthday month you get an additional discount. Then there was Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Restoration Hardware, Metropolitan Deluxe, JCREW, BCBG, oh they all had something for me... then the best of the rest: COACH!!!! Yep Marcus sat on the big comfy couch while I scoured the store for a purse I have had my eye on since November. The patent gallery limited edition in chocolate. I HAVE IT NOW!!! They even had the cutest iPod case for my iPod & a new wristlet. Ohhhhh.... it was fun. I started to get really tired so we packed up & headed to CPK for some yummy pizza & spinach dip... oh was it good. Monday morning I woke up sick as a dog from all this sinus - yep on my actual birthday I was miserable! Marcus made me the sweetest dinner of steak, potatoes & salad then he gave me an adorable birthday cake! Butter cream with marble cake (the chocolate marble is so rich... dangerously rich). Marcus gave me a card & a gift card. (still more shopping - YEA!!) I still have 2 birthday days left (purely because of being ill & Marcus felt bad because he had been sick when the week started).

So I am 27. Yep 27 times around the sun. Hard to believe sometimes that I am my age, but really I don't feel older, nor do I feel that much different. Thankfully I have always thought of age to be so relative. Birthdays are very important to me purely because they are that one day, that one 24 hours where seriously the world revolved around you years ago. It is a symbol of being alive to celebrate a birthday, it makes the journey so very interesting to look forward to another year, another age, another learning about ourselves & the world we live in. They represent the beginning of our life journey, they make us reminisce about past birthdays & those yet to come, they mark our travels, our wisdoms, our maturity or immaturity, they give us a depth that would not be there had we not paid recognition to our moments alive. Plus I get to wear a crown all day, look silly with a hat on, blow out candles, be told to wish, eat cake, get presents, hear from old friends, family members, coworkers, make memories & cherish the old ones... what could be wrong with celebrating growth? For me - nothing.