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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday's Written Word: Posse

Well, I would exclaim my surprise at it being Wednesday again, but well, time passes so quickly that how can I be caught off guard these days!
So Marcus drew out the letter P and goodness help me but it is a word that he submitted to the bowl: POSSE
She never noticed the heat.

Sarah Anne Rhodes always had someone to make sure that no matter what season her body temperature was perfect. Lydia currently stood beside her with a small portable fan blowing on her cheek. Sarah's eyes were closed behind her sunglasses and all she could think about was Colin.

Colin Fairchild was her latest goal. His arrival at school was the highlight of her Junior year. Not only was he the hottest guy ever to arrive in Clarke Canyon but his father owned half of the town. Everyone knew he had been shipped off to boarding school his entire life but no one knew why he was suddenly attending Clarke High. Sarah had decided that nothing was going to stop her from adding him to her collection.

A grin slid across her face as she thought about his light blonde hair and pale gray eyes; yes he would be the perfect boyfriend for Junior Year. She was about to ask Danielle for another glass of water when she felt a bead of sweat on her forehead.

Immediately she inhaled, counting to five before reacting. It was only one drop. Then she realized she could no longer feel the breeze. What the...she opened her eyes whipped her head towards the redhead at her side.

Lydia sat beside her holding the fan, only now it was pointed away from Sarah. She was about to scream when she noticed Lydia was not even looking at her. She followed her gaze across the pool and sucked in a breath. Standing on the diving board was the most beautiful guy she had ever seen. His chest glistened with water and his hair lay slick against a tan face. She watched as he raised on his toes and executed a perfect dive into the turquoise water. It took a second before she realized she had her mouth open and was staring.

After watching him break the surface she regained her composure.

She slapped Lydia's arm.


"Do you realize I am sweating? Sweating Lydia. Actual sweat has begun to collect on my forehead. What will I do when I get a zit Lydia? Huh?!" Her voice rose and Lydia's face immediately lost color.

"Oh my gosh Sarah! I am so sorry. I.. um.. just... well..that guy." She babbled for a second more but Sarah's steely gaze had her readjusting the fan in silence.
"Danielle." Sarah motioned to the young girl sitting at her feet painting Sarah's toenails a bright Coral Cove.

"Yes Sarah?" She was so eager to please Sarah. She was the only Freshman allowed to even be within twenty feet of her. She had gone through a rigorous training for the first month of the summer.

"I need you to find out who he" Danielle nodded and scurried towards the snack bar. Kevin Whitmead worked the counter and he knew everything that happened in Clarke Canyon.

Sarah adjusted the purple bikini top and speculated about the new boy swimming laps below her. It was then that Colin entered the pool area. She watched as he scanned the pool stopping when he saw her. He smiled and began to weave through the lounge chairs. His walk oozed of confidence. She enjoyed watching his muscles move beneath his shirt and wondered just how much fun he'd missed out on at those all boy boarding schools.

"Lydia. Go away." Sarah smirked as Lydia quickly turned the fan off and stood to leave. Colin smiled at her as she passed him. It amused Sarah that Lydia's face was turned shyly towards the ground. Lydia was gorgeous, but no confidence. Sarah liked that about her. It made it easier to keep her place in the group.
Colin slid onto the chair Lydia had emptied.
"Hello beautiful." His voice was like silk as it slipped over her body. Yes, he could make her sweat.
"Hi Colin. At the club for an afternoon swim today, I see." She strategically straightened her legs and curved her back. It pleased her that his eyes roamed her body while she moved to a sitting position. It also made her extremely happy when it took a moment for him to respond.
"Uh, yeah. Ian told me that this club was the best or used to be anyway." Her head tilted at the name.

"Ian?" It was not someone she knew. She knew everyone. Or at least she would once Danielle returned. God why did the remaining members of her group have to spend the last month of the summer in Europe this year! She was left with Lydia and Danielle, the minion league of her social posse. The word had her imagining horse drawn carriages and dry deserts. She would have definitely traveled in style. No dirty dresses and if anyone got in her way...well her diamond handled six shooter would have been infamous. The thought made her smile.

"Yeah, my stepbrother. Don't you remember Ian? We used to come here for Christmas break when we were kids." Colin's voice brought her out of her reverie.

"Stepbrother?" For a moment Sarah's mind was blank then she heard a voice call out from the pool.

"Colin! I thought you were too good to swim today...had tennis or something." Sarah's fingers tightened on the edge of the chair as the swim God climbed the ladder and walked towards them.

"Well that was before I remembered that the pool is much more....refreshing." The last word was spoken with a hint of seduction as Colin touched her shoulder.

Ian sat on the end of Sarah's chair and grinned. Her stomach tightened and she could not speak. His face was perfect. She glanced at Colin and realized that gray was a bit overrated. Ian's bright blue eyes were much more fascinating. For the first time ever she was going to break a rule - brothers were never something to trifle with, it would have to be done neatly. She had a new goal and this one seemed all the more exhilarating. Ian had her nervous just with his presence. This would be a new game, she just needed a little help from her...friends.

Over his shoulder she saw Lydia & Danielle slowing returning to her chair. She nodded at them both and shifted her eyes towards Colin and slid her sunglasses on top of her head. Lydia's eyebrows rose but she returned the nod immediately recognizing the signal.

Danielle smiled and Sarah knew she understood as well. Lydia stepped up to Colin and grinned down at him. He tilted his head at her and seemed to take a second look.

Sarah watched Lydia pout. "Colin, would you mind helping me with some of the towels? I am so tired from being out in all this heat." Her voice was like honey. Maybe Sarah had underestimated Lydia's confidence, this was a development she would have to keep her eye on. Colin glanced at Sarah.

"Go ahead, poor thing has just been dying in this heat. Maybe after you help her you could get us all a round of those pineapple drinks Kevin is a master with." Sarah motioned towards the snack counter.

Colin stood, not quite sure what to do. Danielle did not hesitate in her technique.
"Oh, why don't I help the two of you, it won't be easy carrying all that for the entire group. I'm sure Sarah and Ian will be fine for a few minutes." Her exuberant smile was infectious and Sarah watched with pleasure as her youngest protege slipped her arm through Colin's and began walking towards the towel shack.
Ian watched the entire episode with a sly grin. His brother walked away with the two girls completely oblivious.

"Impressive." His head shook as he watched them walk away. Then he turned to Sarah with a mischievous grin.

"Oh, Ian, whatever do you mean?" Sarah shifted to face him. Slowly she pulled the rubber band from her hair and let it tumble down her tan shoulders.


  1. Great story. I loved the sly humor."It would have to be done neatly." Sarah reminds me a little of Scarlett O'Hara. I both like her and don't like her. Thanks for the entertaining post.

  2. Very nice. And Roxy's right. Sarah does remind me a bit of Scarlett.

  3. Courtney, I'm worried I sent you too much manuscript in that email. Please don't feel obligated to give it your attention when life is so busy. I don't want to cause you stress, blogging buddy. Hope you have an awesome weekend!


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