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Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly stop at the bookshop yields a surprise

Yay! It is FRIDAY!!!
Normally I take a weekly stroll through a local bookstore on Sunday and grab anywhere from 2 to 4 books to read for the upcoming week. Well this week, my glorious husband mentioned the bookstore... oh how I love him..
Well this week I am excited to say my purchases include:
Michelle Rowen's Demon Princess: REIGN or SHINE
I have heard great things about this book and am so excited to read it! I absolutely adore her adult series. Yippee!!!! This one is about a 16 year old girl who discovers a truly interesting family secret, oh you know the usual: Mom's normal, daughter seems okay until weird things happen at 16th birthday, Dad actually is a demon king... You know, everyday high school issues ;0) This is the reason I love to write: exploration & creativity!
Next up:

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

This bok was recommended by someone who said if you enjoyed Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins you will love this. Well, we shall see. I am a huge Katniss fan so lets see if this one is able to be a comparison or if it opens the door to new horizons.

It is about kids who wake up with no memory of anything but their name. They awake in a place called the GLADE. It is a place that is enclosed by massive stone walls. Also, it is only boys. Then one day the first girl enters the GLADE. Thomas the main character appears to be about to discover he might have the key to discovering the maze that surrounds the GLADE but it will mean exploring his now empty mind.... Interesting.


*the picture will not show up - me & my phone may have to have a talk later!*

The Shadow Dragons by James Owen

Oh how surprised I was to find this out on the shelf. It is set to drop on October 27 and thankfully someone probably did not mean to put it out this early, but oh well. ;o)

I am so excited to continued the wonderful journey of the Imaginarium Geographica series!

Our story continues as the Caretakers are trying to save the two worlds! Classic charactes intertwine with new ones in this great adventure series! It is a MUST read for anyone!

Ahhh!!! Football this weekend, food and new books. OH HOW WONDERFUL the WEEKEND IS!!!!!

I will let you know how they both turn out! If you don't find an entry or a TWITTER from me this weekend perhaps it will speak of good reading.

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