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Monday, May 28, 2012

An ENDLESSLY fun Contest...

Well Kiersten White just happens to have this amazing series about if you do not know Evie...boy you should! Pink Tazers, Supernatural Creatures, Adventures...

Anyway you have plenty of time to discover Evie's world (download it, read it, borrow it...don't steal it...I am a writer too and well it's frowned upon in all circles.... ;o) ) Right now you need to be counting down to the release of ENDLESSLY. Oh my goodness I cannot tell you how great Evie is..

Listen, go and wander over to Kiersten's blog enter her ARC contest - she has a challenge out for us all on this one (from her blog): I want you to tell me how a supernatural creature would disappoint you in reality.
 How much fun is that? Batman - hairy pits, Spider Man - VERY CLINGY as a get the idea.

Without further ado, here is my contest entry:

Soooo today has been pretty interesting. I mean, it has been a really crappy day. First I forgot to shampoo my hair in the shower = greasy blonde mess; then I failed to shave my left leg = one legged pants are NEVER in fashion (no matter what your skeevy little brother tells you - the laughter will ring in my ears for decades!); last but not least I almost crashed my mom's car into the hardware store downtown because this HOT green eyed guy was standing on top of the Dairy Bar. Yeah ON TOP! 
Well he was up there until he slowed down the car before impact...yeah he flew or something - pretty cool, found out he's like uber strong, magical, save the world kind of guy. 
Of course I was psyched, thrilled and embarrassed...then he breathed on me. Really, really, REALLY bad halitosis...really bad. Hot eyes though. 

Oh and the shiny glitter handprint left on the hood....yeah, my dad will never be seen in this car again.

So, I hope you like it, but more than that I hope you discover Kiersen and all her witty loveliness...she is a doll.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Change is our only constant....

Well, it’s official. My 18 year old niece is now a High School Graduate. She IS coming into her own and we could not be more proud. We are preparing again to just be me & the Royal Hubs at home… She does not leave for college until August, but the mindset of her being adult forces us to consider how our lives will again change.

How can it simultaneously feel as though it was just the other month that she came to live with us, yet the couple of years we have shared make it also seem as though she has always been here?

Life is funny that way. Time does fly, we do seem to be flitting along this wisp of a life at rapid speed but I also feel like time is allowing me to cruise a little. I don’t feel my age. I have been told I don’t look it. I don’t feel tired. I don’t feel rundown. For the first time in a very long time I feel relaxed, ready, excited for another new chapter. My writing in the last year has definitely been a backburner, I don’t regret it because the effort I have been able to put towards The Duchess, my medical “detours”, and also the Royal Hub is worth it. But I am thrilled beyond anything that I have already been plotting in my head, that I have been reading more again, that I have had dreams that make my typing fingers itch and that right now I am typing a blog entry.
Please don’t think I have completely abandoned visiting the blogs I love so much. Thank you Google reader, thank you NOOK, APPLE, all the technology in my life has allowed me to at least see where everyone’s journey has taken them and I am so excited for all the endeavors I am seeing out there. God definitely has great timing, it does not always make sense but Faith teaches me patience and in patience I find so many good things that I would have overlooked.
I want to wish every graduate out there a congrats…whether it is High School, College, Masters, levels at work, levels in life…moving forward is something we cannot stop. Change is evidently here to stay and with it we discover so much and are allowed opportunities to create a positive change on those around us & within ourselves. Life is an amazing rollercoaster, we get to so many heights, dip our toes in the lows, feel the wind whip around us, feelings of fear, excitement, pleasure…what a ride life is. We are so blessed to get the chance to have our ticket to ride. Don’t waste it by sitting on the bench and watching everyone else fly by you…
I look forward to summer days…hours by the pool…fingers tapping on the keys…head bouncing to music…laughter, lots of laughter…warm nights with mosquitoes…long sun filled afternoons where the sky is painted orange, purple, blue and yellow…I invite you to not give up on me, to still check the castle for updates, to laugh every chance you get, to embrace the changes(whatever they may be) that surround you and to hold on tight – this castle intends to have a phenomenal summer!