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Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh how the flames burn when you are put on the spot by an author you adore....

Okay on my lunch today I was flipping through a SELF magazine and reading the latest TWITTER updates... well a very sweet, wonderful author who I have found a great friend in put me on the burner. Her exact Tweet to me was:

@southrnprincess And when are YOU going to start your writing, ma'am? Or sharing it, at least?

Oh how she got me. I write. I write a lot in my spare time. I am constantly coming up with various plots that may or may not one day get complete. I currently have four stories that infiltrate my dreams, my musical choices, my drive to work, from work, my shower time and my down time.

They each are very, very different & would probably make you wonder about the person who can create such various characters. My husband would say "Okay, Courtney - MAN UP!" lol He has been on me for 13 years (we have been married for 3 but dated for 10) to write. He is by far one of my biggest fans and my most amazing supporter. Marcus knows the main one of the four manuscripts that is enveloping my every thought. Its characters scream the loudest and definitely want more attention.

Well, this author, *cough*Vivian*cough* called me out today. She is right. It is something I love doing and putting all my energy forward in order to get this dream done is what I should focus on. I am shortchanging myself by not trying as hard as I could. It may not ever make it where the entire world gets to see it, but if one person enjoys it then as a writer I will be accomplished.

So thank you Vivian, sometimes it takes a Tweet to get a Twit going.... ;o) (had to)

So if you call me and feel like I am ignoring you know that currently Ena, Grimly, Tara, Gage & Finley are taking up my current state of mind.... bear with me - they are a persistent group!


  1. I feel your pain. It's hard to kick our butt into writing gear, isn't it? And writing is HARD. Fun and amazing and I couldn't live with out it. But HARD! I'm still wrestling with my draft and I'm starting to worry that it has me beat in places. So I wish you the best of luck with it!

  2. ARGHH! I know. Writing is hard. The base idea may come simply, but fleshing out and filling in can be true trial & error!
    I saw that you had written for 10 hours yesterday! Good for you!
    I wish you the same with your draft! Plus NaNoWriMo is coming up! oh the pressure ;o)

  3. As long as you're passionate about what you write and you love it, it's gonna be great! <3 I can't wait until you start to share! I know I'll be able to find your book on a shelf some day, and I'll be first in line for a signing. :)

  4. Well since you are blowing off your sister for your characters, then I need to see the before publishing project!!! you know i will be honest!! Good Luck I am ready to travel with you and your characters to many far and enchanting places.....

  5. Finally, I remeber a story that you wrote in the 3rd grade (just for you). I was blown away even then; you loved Shakespeare and live plays. You opened up a whole new world for me and your friends. Your gifts truly are amazing. I know it takes time to grow, but I agree it is time, past time. Luv Mom

  6. Sometimes we all need that little "nudge" to motivate us! I am enjoying your blog.


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