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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Growing up too fast...

Okay my siblings have wonderful children. I remember so many births, vividly ;o)

Nina's oldest, Jon, just attended that ever spectacular and so important Homecoming. He is in the 7th grade. Yeah, 7th grade! He is so handsome and just going to drive girls crazy & his parents... ;o) Look at this cutie!

*on the end - far right

*on the left

My brother has twin boys who are the same age as my sister's oldest. Coy (one of the twins) is playing football this year. He is awesome. Finally beyond that awkward stage in sports, it just clicked one day. Look at this strong young man! (he looks so much like his dad!!!)
*obviously the twins get along as expected.... ;o)

Jessica, my sister's youngest girl just had a birthday. Not just any birthday either, that all important, I get to get my ears pierced 8th birthday! Check out the pics of her, her sister Anna, & their friends.

*Anna is second from the left & Jessica is third from the left

Anyway, this post is merely just to brag a bit about my nieces and nephews...This is just a snippet of them, too. Nina also has Christian & Anna who are always up to something. Eric has Colton who is constantly being a mess. Rob has Regan & Riley they are two gorgeous little girls. Jeremy has David - the fifteen year old & the grown Erica & John. All of them are amazing. I am constantly surprised, impressed, proud, and excited for everything I get to take part in during their lives.

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