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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Man, I Love College Blogfest! + Wednesday's Written Word = Happenstance

The adorable and fun Katie over at &&Prophetic Pictures is hosting a Man! I Love College Blogfest! As stated on her blog: In the spirit of my nonfiction project, it's called the "Man, I Love College" blogfest. And, as you may have guessed, will involve either your favorite or craziest experience in college. Or it can be purely fictional. You know, whichever.
Well Wednesday is my normal day for Wednesday's Written Word and with the Blogfest I decided to just combine the two...I opted for the fictional route and well I was worried about a what word in the bowl would appear. To my consternation and happiness I give you:


Sunlight filtered through the wooden white blinds as I quietly slipped out of bed.

I could hear her breathing as I moved to find my clothes. Dark blue jeans lay across her computer desk. I found one shoe under the edge of the bed and another in the wastebasket. My t shirt was hanging from the ceiling fan, my blue button down was on the side table and my boxers were crumpled in the sheets. Carefully I collected each item and began to get dressed.

Her sandy blonde hair lay mussed against the pale blue pillow. Dark smudges lined her eyes from what I assumed was her makeup. The top sheet barely covered the clover tattoo on her shoulder.

Grinning I began to think of last night.

Spring semester had been long and arduous; a night out was what I needed and The Sidewinder was the best place in town to relax.

She had been sitting at the bar; strapless white top and black miniskirt. Her fingers tapping out the beat of a local band's first set. I watched her head sway to the music and could not help thinking how amazing she looked. The bright green clover tattoo against her tan skin had given me the confidence I needed to talk to her.

"Don't you feel lucky?" Leaning against the bar I pointed to her shoulder. She looked at me, hazel eyes twinkling and a smile spreading across dark red lips.

"Do you?" Her voice was low and husky slithering over me as I moved to the stool next to her. I could smell the tart scent of vodka and cranberry juice.


"Well, they say that a four leaf clover brings you good luck; but I make my own luck." She finished her drink and stood to leave.

"How about we go somewhere and discuss what type of luck I want to make tonight?" Her fingers slid across my shoulders as she stepped behind me and towards the door. Excitement coursed through my veins as I stood up to follow her out.

Forty five minutes later we were at her apartment deciding that luck was most definitely not a lady.

Buttoning my shirt I could not help but wonder what her name was. I had not even asked. There had been barely a moment for any words once we had reached her place.

In the light of day I was able to observe the room. A stark contrast to the woman I had slept with the night before. Neatly stacked papers sat on an organized computer desk. A dark brown leather satchel hung over the desk chair.

Glancing at the open closet displayed hints of two women. On one side pressed suit shirts, pants and skirts hung color coded on the other miniskirts and tank tops fell haphazardly to the floor. Sensible flat shoes arranged in perfect order sat below the suits and heels that would make any man melt were scattered below the rest. It was a confusing sight and I wondered if perhaps she did not have some sort of fashion affliction.

Normally I would just slip out without a word, but she intrigued me. I could not help it. Moving to the desk I pulled a pen from a simple white container and grabbed a monogrammed notepad.

The initials LCS were embossed in a dark blue old style font. I chuckled.

Well at least I know her initials! Now what do you say on a note after a night like that?

I opted for my name and number with the words I'd love to hear from you again and a weak attempt at drawing a three leaf clover. I placed it on her keyboard and slipped out of the apartment.

Two weeks passed and not a single word from her.

It was day two of summer session and I had began to think I'd dreamed that night. If it weren't for a lost button on my shirt I'd believe it.

I slid into a desk three rows from the white board in Philosophy 375. The room was filling up quickly and I noticed the large number of guys in the class. A few were even having heated discussions as to who got to sit in the front. A girl came in shaking her head at the guys in the front row and wandered up the steps toward my table.

"Glad to see you aren't one of the drooling idiots." She slung her backpack under her chair and pulled out a notebook.


She rolled her eyes at me and was about to speak when a woman entered the room. The guys down front became quiet and quickly filled the seats. A pale pink pressed shirt clung to soft curves as she walked with a swagger in a pencil straight khaki skirt. A familiar leather satchel was placed gently on her desk.

Turning to the white board she wrote her name: Professor Lillian Standifer.

My stomach rolled and my breathing caught as she faced the class. A familiar tug of excitement ran over me only this time it was being chased by shock.

"Life is about choices. But it is also a game of chance." She stated as her eyes roamed the room.

I sucked in as all too familiar hazel eyes found mine.

"Perhaps in this class you will discover how to make your own luck." Her lips twitched as she held my gaze. My breathing slowed and a grin slid across my face. I barely heard the girl next to me groan with disgust.

Abruptly Lillian shifted and pulled out a stack of syllabus.

"Now class lets see what this summer has in store for each of you..."

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Ahhhh! I love it! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
    Did I mention I love it?!

  2. LOVED IT! The twist at the end totally got me. Is this a short story or a full-length ms? Would love to read more about these two. WOW!

  3. Wow, well written with quite the unexpected turn. Nice work.

  4. BAHA! I love this! Sucks for that guy like seriously! I actually had to cancel my blogfest because I unplugged and didn't have anything ready and all, what with my Thailand trip up in the air. But I'm so glad you still participated! Way better than anything I would have put out. :)

  5. Very cool. (My own private fantasy...being the professor, of course.)

  6. Ooh that was good. Well done. I love HAPPENSTANCES. :)

  7. You guys rock! Thank you all for the great comments. I really enjoyed this KM even if the event was slightly cancelled - I had a blast typing this one up!

    Oh and Wendy - aha....I see so a fantasy of yours huh? ;o)

    Kierah - it is just a spur of the moment snippet. I do like the premise and have filed it away for later ideas... ;o)

    aLmYbNeNr - thanks so much! I am glad you enjoyed it!

    Slamdunk - thanks! As always a pleasure to see you in the Kingdom!

    Jaydee - thanks - it was fun to play this role with a male perspective!

    Karen - lol me too! ;o) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Happy Friday, Princess! I have an award for you at my blog today! :-)


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