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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday's Written Word: Chopsticks

Welcome! It is Wednesday,we all know what that means!
In the right corner we have Marcus - hubby extraordinaire!
He holds in his hand a word!
In the left corner we have Courtney - writer, Princess!
She waits to see the word!
They meet in the middle, Marcus uncurls his hand:

A soft melodic tinkling filled the air when the door opened. He glanced furtively around the shop, nervous fingers clenched and unclenched at his side. The shopkeeper barely glanced up from the register.

He stepped towards the counter on his right. Gazing down his eyes met a myriad of shiny objects. Small red flowers clustered around a white lily, a turquoise the size of his fist sat nestled in a cage of silver and beside it lay two long gold sticks. Excitement filled him. His hands splayed against the glass he tried to look even closer. They lay upon a velvet pouch; at the thickest part were small silver cherry blossoms, the branches curled down the length and at the smallest part the petals seemed to fall.

Without hesitating he turned towards the register. The shopkeeper no longer stood behind the counter. Frantically he searched the store. His feet stopped shuffling when a young girl stepped from the back. Long black bangs partially hid deep blue eyes. He waited a moment then pulled the money from his pocket.

"I have this, will you help me?" His voice was soft almost a whisper. Cobalt eyes stared at the money in his hand then moved to his face. Their eyes met and he felt a blush creep into his cheeks. Struck by her beauty he stood numbly waiting for her to respond.

"What do you want to buy?" Moving towards him as she spoke had him almost stepping back.

"Those." He pointed to the glass case, walking to the side where the chopsticks lay on the velvet pouch.

She followed his hands and looked back at him. She opened the door to the cabinet and reached almost to where his fingers lay. All that separated her touch was the thin clear glass; startled by the nearness he placed his hands at his sides.

After laying the velvet pouch on the counter with the sticks on top she waited for him to appraise them.

Licking his lips he gingerly lifted one then the other. She wore a small smile while watching him. He nodded and she began to wrap them. On impulse he grabbed a bright red candy sucker.

A clock behind the counter chimed and he jumped. Hastily he handed her the money. Her eyebrow rose as she counted it out. After the purchase he was left with only one bill. Stuffing it into his pocket he stepped back. She stood staring at him until he felt the blush rise to his cheeks again. The smile had returned and she seemed to be waiting for him to speak. He started to say goodbye when he heard a man's voice in the back room.

She turned towards the sound, her hair swinging across her back. He hesitated wanting to stay for a moment; then moved quickly to the door. The tinkling sound filled the air as the girl observed an empty shop.

His feet pounded against the cement. Moving quickly in and out of the crowded streets he finally arrived at the tiny apartment. The door was jammed so he climbed the fire escape. Sliding the window up he crawled into the room. Dresses were everywhere. Bright fabrics lay haphazardly covering every piece of furniture. Perfume filled the air as women moved around the room in an ordered chaos.

His younger sister sat pulling the petals off a lily. He stooped down and pulled the flower from her tiny hands. She started to pout but before she could make a noise he handed her the candy. She grinned from ear to ear, the few teeth she had would surely rot after the sugary treat but it kept her occupied.

His mother spotted him and rushed over.

"Where are they?" She exclaimed fishing through his coat pockets.

He pulled the small velvet pouch out and handed her his purchase. The chopsticks were still intact; their golden tone glowing against her olive skin.

"Perfect! Eliana! Eliana - we have them. No worries." She kissed him on the cheek and turned in search of his older sister.

He stood a moment before wandering to the hall. The men were all clothed in dark suits. His cousin grabbed him by the arm and handed him the bag with his own attire for the evening.

The next few hours were a blur. The grownups talked over him as he watched after his younger sister. He helped her with the basket, washed her sticky fingers and promised to get her another candy if she would just walk down the entire aisle.

Later when the music played softly on a patio and the grownups laughed amongst themselves he collapsed on a bench. Eliana swirled on the dance floor, the golden chopsticks caught the twinkling lights as they held her long blonde hair in a simple loop against her neck. He watched her dance then he closed his eyes.

He felt someone on the bench before he heard them. At first he thought to just ignore them, but it could be someone who would tell his mother that he had no manners. He straightened up and looked over.

Cobalt eyes stared back at him as dark black ringlets lay on bare shoulders. The bangs that had hidden the blue depths were swept to the side. He lost his breath as he held her gaze. She smiled and he blushed again. Her head tilted towards the dance floor and he began to panic. Slowly she stood up her hand held out. The pale peach dress flowed around her and he swallowed. His eyes swept the room yet he still landed on her.

Nervously he stood. They walked together to the dance floor. His hands were damp; he desperately wanted to run them over his pants leg. She stopped and lay her delicate hands on his shoulders. With care his fingers fluttered against her waist. The music was slow and romantic. It made him blush again. For a moment they just stared at each other, listening to the music, focusing on the rocking from side to side. Then she smiled again.

This time he did not blush he just looked in awe at her beauty. She moved closer, her arms around his neck. He could feel her breath against his skin and his heartbeat quickened. She shifted her head and feeling the brush of her lips she whispered.

"My name is Kairi, it is nice to meet you."


Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love this concept and I am impressed at the results!

  2. Excellent as usual!! Ive blogged about you !!

  3. I love this! And I'm so intrigued by how your story was born from one tiny word! I love these kinds of things...

  4. I love how you started with one word and made this whole brilliant story!

  5. I need to get me some chopsticks. :) Well done.

  6. Wendy - thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it.

    Betty - it definitely gets my mind in the writing mode quick! It is a pleasure to have you stop by - glad you enjoyed this week's word!

    bamagirl1 - lol thank you! I read the entry - love you too! ;o)

    Lisa & Laura - thank you for visiting! The concept pushes me but I find that it is a practice that I enjoy.

    Talli - I appreciate the compliment. Leave it to my husband to choose such words though...this one had me stumped for the first few minutes.

    Karen - yes, the chopsticks here sound lovely. I could not help but think about cherry blossoms when I wrote it and wanted them somewhere. The chopsticks were the answer. Go get you some girl! Thanks as always for stopping by!


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