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Saturday, March 21, 2009


today is March 21st 2009. TWILIGHT the movie has been in my home. Not on television in a commercial promoting the film, but actually playing in my home. I saw Edward & Bella. I watched the story unfold as I did months ago in a theater. Only this time I felt like an industry insider. The DVD has special features; director/actor commentary, extended scenes, production notes and of course.... deleted scenes. These deleted scenes just might end up being the bane of my current existence. I was worried about these scenes & when I watched them among Twilighters I discovered a truth to my worry: the scenes should not have been cut. 2 scenes that were deleted are "give or take them" scenes. But the rest, the rest are pivotal to the heart of the story. The depth they could have given... I could hear the collective sighs of Twilighters around the world as a scene with Carlisle & Esme was shown, I could feel the shared aggrivation as a simple caress in the meadow was lost, and I could see how a few added seconds would not have 'upset the flow of the movie' but would have actually made it more cohesive. I know it is easy to be an "armchair director" alas! come on people! I truly feel that these segments were removed due to they wanted to portray a more 'thrill' type movie rather than a 'romance'. Even after all of the above lines have been expressed I am still giddy beyond doubt due to the entire experience. I happened to have invited a close knit group of Twilighters over for a viewing party. Now if anyone knows how much I love to throw a party then they know there was cake, yummy cookies, games and of course thematic decor! A shoutout to Mary at Mary's Cakes in Northport - that woman makes a delicious cake & she also made me a Stupid Shiny Volvo and Danger Magnet cakes without too many questions or a call to Bryce Mental Hospital. Might I add that she has no idea what Twilight is, but her assistants did. My menu was simple but relative to the book: Pizza (Bella dares Edward to eat a bite in the cafeteria), Lemonade (the drink that Bella is drinking when Edward keeps her cap), Mushroom Ravioli (do I really need a description? The restaurant Port Angeles), Veggie Pizza (those vegetarians :o) ), Doritos (Jacob & Paul fight over these in Breaking Dawn), Apples (hello?), Diet Coke (she drinks one) and cake (Bella's birthday party). I also had goodie bags & prizes! It was so much fun! We laughed, we critiqued, we ate and we swooned! Thank you Lori, Stephanie, Tabitha, mom & Nina. For a wonderful afternoon of Twilight. Marcus kindly took Anna & Jessica to Chuck E Cheese for the afternoon & it sounds like they had a blast.

Before I leave you my wonderful readers, I wanted to give a small moment of reflection: It was a March afternoon when I discovered Twilight for the first time. That day will forever press into my memory. It is fitting that on a March day I enjoyed the movie at my home for the first time. This series is so much more than books. The friends I have made, the bonds I have developed are priceless. So please enjoy the pictures & I cannot wait to see some of everyone elses... happy Twilight weekend everybody.

Note: my sister pouts as she is forced to have her picture taken before she can open the prize she won being the fastest at putting Twilight puzzles together! lol

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rushing sights & sounds outside my window...

It is already March 12th, 2009.

My mind wrapped around this yesterday. Not only is it 13 years that Marcus & I have been a couple but also almost Spring. The year has already begun to fly by, the weeks are passing like hours and the weekends are full of activities that make my mind go haywire.

I find myself with so much going on lately. It seems at first like little activities or plans but then I realize that we really have full weekends. Last weekend was supposed to be a lazy weekend, but we found ourselves at a charity bowling event for 5 hours for Junior Achievement. Sunday Marcus had to work and I finished loads upon loads of laundry.

The weekend before was the snow & even with the crazy weather we were busy. I am supposed to attend a bridal shower this weekend (in Camden), a movie outing, Marcus needs to work, I need to finish cleaning and also getting ready for a party I am throwing NEXT weekend, and then I also want to scoot to Camden to see one of my brothers who got into an accident late yesterday evening! SHEESH!

I feel like I am 6 years old, we are driving to Nebraska and the windows of the van are filled with these quick glimpses of different landscapes. There is noise at my back of my siblings talking, my parents are driving and music is playing, my mind is imagining all the people outside the window. I am wondering what their lives are like and my own mind creates a fairytale ife of my own. I know that being a little kid I cannot control the direction of the car or the length of the stay so I just settle in and watch the scenery flash by. Yet as my vision blurs with the sounds of my reality and the imaginative world my head has created I still feel like I am moving in slow motion. That if I just roll down the window and reach my hand out I will feel the breeze but also slow it down. That is my life right now. The craziest thing is that no longer am I in the car being driven by someone else, I am the driver; I am the one with my foot on the pedal against the floor. Only this time I KNOW that I cannot slow the actual passing down but I can slow down the car, ease along the curvy roads and TRY to take some of the beauty in...

Sunday, March 1, 2009


(Early this morning)

Okay - um we are talking like 4 inches! IN ALABAMA!!! IN MARCH!!! WHERE IT WAS 77 DEGREES FIVE DAYS AGO!!! WHAT THE??? OME!!! OME!!!

I woke up around 5 a.m. and found my backyard was covered in soft white flakes. The sky was full of swirling white mists it was magical. Now mind you I love how snow looks & how it alters the landscape - beyond that it is wet, cold and messy. Well it is now 11:20 a.m. and my yard looks like this:

All of these pictures are from around 7 a.m. until now. In some you can really see how big & fast the flakes are coming down. It is just now beginning to slow down. I am just in awe. IT IS MARCH PEOPLE!!! I mean heaven forbid we get this for one particular day in December?! No we get it on a Sunday in MARCH!! *shakes head* Peanut is not a fan of the snow - except from his window seat. We opened the window and let him put his nose against the screen & he loved it! He took about 3 steps on the deck before we did this & turned around with a whimper. Yeah - wet cold long hair - not so fun for Nutter!

So our day is planed out thusly: Stay warm, eat, watch movies, drink cocoa, watch it snow, read and repeat.....

Hanging, Hammering, Nailing - laughing, crying, enjoying...

I have been working for the past week on a large number of shelves, frames, paintings and all out odd-end home improvements. Yes the girl who cannot choose a wall color can really redecorate or rearrange any room quite quickly :)
Marcus & I went to Atlanta last weekend to see Nina, Keith & the kids. It was so much fun! Friday night we got in fairly early = around 10 EST. Not too bad; it is normally later. Keith had grilled some awesome cheeseburgers so the late dinner was great. On Saturday we split the groups: all girls - all boys. Us girls went to some shops that I had not visited in quite sometime as well as a HUGE designer fabric store - Tracy you would freak out. It is like THE place the area designers go to get fabric. Like HGTV fabric store, crazy. Then we went to this place call Rustique in Marietta. Okay they had a like a 30 foot iron giraffe & rooster for your yard. YES you read correctly. But they also had the most beautiful outdoor fountains, arbors and benches. Mind you they also had furniture & home decor, but really they did not want to sell that stuff. A BASIC pewter cake plate (not Arthur Court - no design) $130.00 Yeah, we just told the girls not to touch anything - neither did me or Nina:0)
Then we snagged Marcus. Me, Nina, Marcus, Anna & Jessica headed to downtown Atlanta to IKEA. Okay Marcus & I have gotten the catalog but this was our first store experience. That place is HUMONGOUS! They sell EVERYTHING!!! We now understand why people shop there. It was like house Disneyland! We will definitely return. We bought 4 awesome floating shelves (they are big by the way_ and an eight foot tall solid wood bookcase. I was almost crying I was so happy to have gotten the book case. I have TONS of books that are kind of stashed everywhere. Because I collect antique/vintage books, displaying them is important to me. Now they have a home.
Also this week we have daily hung a shelf or had a picture framed. We had tons of prints that need frames. Some Daniel Moore Alabama prints, some artwork we bought from a gallery, some photos and a Twilight poster. Got them all done! WOOHOO!!! Marcus was so thrilled about one of the big Bama prints we had framed. It turned out quite a bit bigger than we expected, but it looks awesome beside Stevie the TV.
Anyway, the weather is crazy but we have really enjoyed doing all these little projects all week. I look forward to finishing some of the organizing I now have to do! :)