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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Okay this is just crap!
Recently I commented on Shannon Messenger's blog about those pesky dates with insomnia. Well karma came and sat by my keyboard last week. You see my 3 a.m. 'friend' had been MIA for about a week... then last night he came with bells on! Actually with high pitched, make my dog shake and crawl up onto my chest in the middle of the night bells.
Our battery in the master bedroom smoke alarm decided to die out at 3 a.m. last night/this morning. Universal smoke alarm SS-790 decided that my insomnia's nice easy wake up and sit around had been leading me into a boring relationship, so it decided that not only would we bring insomnia back over for a sip of cran-grape juice but also made the choice to add horrible musical atmosphere! Oh and by the way the Universal SS-790 and I came to terms with who really is the boss....
This is what kills me: Marcus actually slept through the first 11 beeps, my dragging of the ladder, my cursing as I could not find the batteries with a flashlight, then the cursing as I stubbed my toe on the bedpost. However he did not sleep through Peanut climbing under the covers and literally trying to burrow into Marcus' back as he slept.
one hour later and one serious talk with a 9 volt battery, my date continued until 4:45 but the music stopped. The best part about this date was that it occurred with a beautiful open sky full of stars. I stepped outside after getting my juice and from the deck saw such a beautiful heavenly space that my heart actually melted a little for my date. He may pop up at the worst time with terrible choice in music and cause me to be very grumpy at work; but every now and then he lets me in on those secrets of the night...


  1. You're so sweet... I love your outlook on life! <3

    Though I can't imagine getting woken up by a fire alarm. I think I might cry.

    And I think your husband is awesome. :D <3

  2. Oops. I guess I cursed you. *grins* Does the blog award make up for it?

  3. HA HA HA not at you really but at all that crap and Marcus sleeping thru it! Oh that brought a smile to my face! And I'll get on my blog award... the pressure you've put me under to come up with all that stuff!


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