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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday's Written Word: Reminiscence

The television flickers in the background,

He puts the bowl on the table.

12 slips remain,

Nervously I nod,

He unfolds the crisp white paper....



Soft chimes echo through the hallway while her feet slip along the hardwood floors. The sweet laugh escapes between her lips as she slides around a door frame; memories of skating flicker in her mind.

She steadies herself as her fingers curl around the doorknob. The mirror beside her shows a peach cheeked woman flushed with excitement. Her eyes are shining while long blonde curls fall haphazard over her shoulders.

Time has been kind to her. The soft lines along her eyes enhance the mischief conveyed in a grin and the soft sleeveless gray dress clings to curves that speak of motherhood; with a sigh she pulls open the door.

He does not speak only stares. He'd known she was the one from the moment he had met her. The day had been blistering, he'd lost his keys and she'd offered him a way home. but after the short ride she'd invited him over to visit. He had discovered sweet tea on a veranda wasn't just for the movies.

She'd made him court her. Movies with sidelong glances, dinners with talk of dreams, afternoons of picnics, evenings in the park skating during winter and weekends with friends.

Her parents had worried and his had hoped. Classes became more hectic and stress tried to break in. There had been one time where questions had risen but with work and love they had become stronger.

A spring night surrounded by friends and family had him on one knee where the words were few yet the love was overwhelming. Months later their love was shared with those who had witnessed its beginning. Their blessing was unanimous and their happiness was contagious.

Time passed.

Laughter filled hours.

In silence comfort was found.

Strength in a gentle touch.

Careers chosen.

Priorities were shifted.

He remembered the moment she had told him that their life was about to change forever. The fear that crawled up his gut threatened to ruin the announcement. It had been her smile that had chased it away. In her face he saw her faith and in his heart he had known that anything done with her was an adventure worth taking.

Falling in love all over again with her image incarnate.


First words.

First steps.













High School.


A life of changes, struggles, laughter, tears, heartache yet every day was worth repeating.

"What's wrong?" her eyebrow lifted and her dimple pierced her cheek.

He roamed her face then glancing down her figure. He shook his head at the stocking feet.

"Were you sliding in the hall?"

"What's it to you?" the indignant tone was playful as she stared back at him, her head cocked to the side.

His lips curled as he watched her.

"Nothing. I just wondered."

"Well, as much as I would love to chat. Did you um, need something?" Her stance shifted and he noticed the ripple of light cotton against her hips. All of a sudden the day's agenda did not matter.

"Matter of fact, I do." He stepped towards the door and she moved back. A confused look filled her hazel eyes.

Closing the door behind him he placed his hand on her waist and pulled her to him. She laughed at the movement; the sound abruptly cut short when she saw the fire in his eyes.

"Oh." the whisper was lost as he kissed her. Their bodies melded together, reacting to each other with a knowledge unlike any other. Desire swept between them sweet and strong; years of tasting and testing the waters filtered within their hearts.

Pulling back she smiled at him. Her fingers running through his hair lingering amongst the soft white tufts at his ears.

"Is everything okay?" A faint hint of worry laced her words.

chuckling he kissed her nose "I just forgot my keys."

"Oh and I thought it was your inability to resist my stocking feet."

Leaning back from her he slowly slid one foot then the other from his loafers.

"There is that. But really I just wanted to show you how its done!" he gently pushed her aside and headed for the hallway. His laughter floating behind him.

"Why you little - hey no fair!"

He heard her footsteps padding down the hall behind him and he grinned. Perhaps after "skating" they could go to a movie, have dinner or sip tea on the porch.

After all it was hot outside and he had forgotten his keys...


Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

As always, For members of the Royal Court new to my Wednesday's Written Word series please peruse the past entries under my Original Works page or via the right sidebar menu. (How it works: these are written on the spot with a time limit of 45 minutes - no word limit. Each word is drawn from a bowl where the 26 letters of the alphabet are represented by words selected by my husband. I have no idea what words are in the bowl nor which ones will be pulled out each week. I use this as a great 'interruption' from my current work in progress to keep my creative juices flowing & to not get bogged down with current major projects)


  1. I always love your Wednesday posts. This was fun and sweet. (like you:)

    Happy HUMPday!

  2. Very fun! Great idea. Keep it fresh. Dinner and and a movie do sound good. If only my husband had forgotten his keys. ;)

  3. Lola - Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it. As always, I love to see you visit the Kingdom! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Janet - lol! Yes sometimes it is just a simple misplaced set of keys when life reminds us how blessed we are ;o) I may hit my hubby up for that dinner and a movie tonight... Glad you enjoyed today's post!

  5. I really enjoyed this - I now have a lovely and warm feeling! Thanks!

  6. Talli - Oooh I loved your Paris post today! ;o) Thank you so much for stopping by, I am glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Thanks for sharing the thought-provoking post.

  8. Slamdunk - good to see you this morning! I hope those provoked thoughts are good ones lol! As always a pleasure to see you in the Kingdom.

  9. Reminiscence is such a great word. You really brought it to life, Courtney! :-)

  10. Hi there - just found your blog. Thanks for linking to us! :)

  11. Heartfelt! I'm one to get caught sliding down the hall in my socks. I think we all need to keep the kid in us entertained. (Hugs)Indigo

  12. I'm loving your Wednesday posts - I still think this is a great idea - and the writing is always wonderful :)

  13. Aww, that was very sweet. Great way to start my Thursday (yes I'm a day late. lol)

    Thanks for outbidding me in the DTWT auction. *sigh*
    I wish I was rich enough to actually win something. :(

  14. Shannon - thanks so much! It is a great word - I had so many directions flickering through my mind but this one stuck.

    Kristi - You are so welcome! oh WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM!!!

    Indigo - glad to see you here today! You've been on my mind *wink*. I am happy you enjoyed the post. Yes remaining a kid is something I try to do every day ;o)

    Jaydee - I am so glad you enjoy Wednesdays in the Kingdom. I look forward to them myself. It is always interesting to see what word comes out! ;o) Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Karen - Girl you and I both! You are welcome. I did win a group of books from day two...before the bids decided to stay in the $1000 range. I wish I were rich enough too! But I am so glad they are raising so much money. I am proud to be a member of this writing community. ;o)

  15. I look forward to reading your entry on the flirt blogfest tomorrow. May your Sunday be awesome, Roland

    And thanks for leaving such kind words on my entry. Gypsy, my cat, arched her brow as I was finishing above as if to say, "Aren't you forgetting to say thanks?" She watches my back like that.


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