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Friday, October 16, 2009

Guess where I spent the last day....

Yeah....lovely new jewelry, dontcha think? I am supposed to wear them for 24 hours in case I have to be re-admitted.....

I just spent a day & half in the wonderful Northport DCH hospital. Again thinking that I had a kidney stone (same thought as last year) - terrible pain, cannot sit still, tears flowing, bowled over pain on my right side.

They hook me up with fluids on an IV, give me some pain meds because of course it sounds like textbook kidney stone, right? Wrong... again.

After an uncomfortable-must-not-move-a-single-centimeter CT Scan & ultrasound; guess what? A cyst on the only ovary I have left. Thankfully this cyst is not the size of a football like last years ovary killing cyst monster. This cyst though large enough for me to pinpoint exact location due to pain is small enough that they want it to absolve itself or to pop.
Yes - pop. Yuck. I understand that if it pops I will feel a sharp pain then the pain should slowly subside. If it absolves itself it will happen more slowly and I will feel mild to sharp pain for an extended amount of time....yeah the difference between the two is so vague that even the pain meds make more sense.

So in the time that I was at the hospital (Late wednesday night until Thursday afternoon) I was shot up with some serious amounts of Phenegran(no idea how to spell) & Demoral. Both cheeks have more than one mark left from the shots. ;o(

They sent me home with some serious oral pain meds but with the addendum that if the pain shoots back up to an 8 or 10 on a 1-10 scale again, please return to the hospital. Yeeeaaaahhhh... My doctor hopes that this one will pop or pass on its on. With me they try to avoid any type of incision, be it traditional or laproscopic.

The major learning curve in this entire episode: Due to last years abnormal cyst attack I now am more prone to have problems with cyst. Especially during ovulation. Meaning they said this could happen once a month, every month. Okay little cramps related to cysts I can handle - cysts that make me feel like the butcher knife and the baseball bat are learning how to spar while dancing on my right side - not so welcome in this house!

Sorry for the alarmingly descriptive body rant in this post, I think the meds are making me a little *witchy* today. Anyway, I will grumble and gripe to the dog while he keeps me company during my awake hours today...Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Wow, that sounds awful. And I thought my girly issues were bad (my body's been trying to go into menopause since I was 22) but that's just hormonal mood swings and hot flashes. No pain. Never pain. (Except when they run tests). I'm so sorry. I hope this is just a one time glitch and never comes back to haunt you!

  2. Oh darlin! Well St least you are getting to know the wonderful nurses at the hopsital. I hope it just pops for you. It sucks but then its over. I hope you feel better today axnd order yourself some delivery or Marcus can pamper you until the game! Love you! Call me if you get bored!

  3. Oh my god, sweetie!!! I hope you feel better and it gets all resolved and well soon... I'll be thinking of you! <3 Keep us updated so we know how you are when you're feeling up to it!

  4. Maybe this will cheer you up. I'm giving you a Blog Award!

    I sadly don't know how to do links in comments, so come back to my blog for all the details.

    But Congrats!

  5. Oh, Courtney! I hope you get some relief and soon!


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