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Monday, October 12, 2009


SO much has happened since my last post.

Marcus, Arthur and myself went to a signing and tasting in Birmingham at Southern Progress. Chris & Idie Hastings have just released their first cookbook: HOT & HOT Fish Club Cookbook. HOT & HOT is a restaurant located in Birmingham and has become a staple on the Southern gourmet circuit. We were lucky enough to receive invites to the private signing & tasting. It was wonderful! The food was amazing, the champagne even better :o) The cheese platter made me immediately glad we went. I love good cheese and this particular tasting did not disappoint. Chris & Idie were gracious and shared some good stories. Southern Progress has a beautiful building perfect for these types of events. We mingled, tasted then went out for some dessert and fun discussions. It was a great time.

Arthur tried an oyster shot and lets just say the pictures tell the story the best....

After coming back from Camden the other weekend and seeing the fam the week started off fairly calm... then Tuesday happened.

My mother calls me saying "Are you sitting down?" okay this question should never have been invented - nothing good follows those four words. I had just hung up with one of my favorite people, Tracy; we had been discussing the upcoming holidays. So I told my mom "no" she said to sit. I did and then she began to just let loose a string of words"Your father fell, we are loading him in the ambulance and heading to Montgomery. He fell down the stairs at the house. We know he broke his ankle and are sure they will have to do surgery. Surgery will either be tonight or tomorrow morning. Please call your sister & try to reach your brother." Then she breathed and said "Are you there?" um yeah mom, honestly rapt attention has never been so good of a description nor has shocked and wondering if she is sure it was dad and not herself. You see the women in our family tend to be pretty clumsy - actually mom just fell down those same stairs 3 weeks ago. So after confirming that it was in fact dad I called my sister and then the next 7 hours were crazy worry. They did do surgery that night and I headed to Camden the next day. He is in an air cast while he has stitches then he moves to a regular cast. 6 weeks no weight bearing on that leg. NO WEIGHT BEARING. Yeah....poor mom. Because after 6 weeks there will be more weeks of recovery and rehab. Eh. What is our family without some sort of injury? ;o)
Driving to Camden is long and full of the beauties of Alabama. There are poignant points that Marcus and I always think of when we describe the drive. Below are some of our favorites.

This past weekend Marcus, Arthur and myself went out again. Dinner at BoneFish Grill with some amazing Creme Brulee and the movie Couples Retreat. Hilarious by the way. But be prepared for its cute situations it really does take a hard look at 4 couples and their problems.

Alabama beat Ole Miss 22 - 3. Roll Tide. Rob came over for a 'play date' weekend. We all watched the game then on Sunday we slipped to Camden to visit my dad again.
Today I happened to be scrolling down my blog and saw an extra comment on an entry. If anyone follows Janette Rallison's blog then you might see a mention of me. I am so excited! I won one of the books she was giving away on her blog and let me tell you I squealed so loudly Marcus thought we had won the lottery... Peanut just gave me kisses thinking I was upset. It is so awesome!!! Anyway, she is an amazing author and if you get the chance to grab a book of hers, I recommend How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend. It was the first I read of hers and since then I look for her books every time I go to Barnes and Noble. She is witty in her writing and wonderful in person. I was blessed to meet her this past Spring and it was worth every moment.

Whew - well we are up to date now. lol. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.....


  1. So, I just had to stop by and say hi since we both seem to have so much in common--including knowing how to sweet talk our favorite writers into giving us prizes!

    Congrats on winning New Dawn, I'm glad I didn't have to be the only one (then I would have been guilty/happy, instead of just happy).

    BTW, I would have followed your blog but I didn't see a follow button. Am I having one of my blond moments or is it hidden to keep weird, strangers like me from cyber stalking you? :)

  2. Okay...thanks for the comment on my blog. Found the button and am following you now. (Boy, that really does sound stalkerish-doesn't it?)

  3. The update was great, I lived part of it and reading it still took my breath. Dad is at the office today, foot propped and all. Thanks for being you, luv ya Mom.

  4. The update was great, I lived part of it and reading it still took my breath. Dad is at the office today, foot propped and all. Thanks for being you, luv ya Mom.

  5. Hey girl I can't believe you didn't mention your dad! I'm glad he's ok and my heart goes out to your mom... No matter how much you love some one 6months of errands and such does get to be long. Great talking to you as always!
    Love you!

  6. hey cool update!! i have the afternoon off so I a am going to try to update mine today!! Watch out!!

  7. K, just to make it official I'm posting a comment here so you know you're in for 15 entries. Good luck and thanks for entering!

  8. Oh oh dear... I hope your dad gets better soon! My dad went into the hospital this last Saturday, and he was there for hours in the ER, but he turned out to be okay. Still, it's terrifying. My thoughts are with you AND your dad! <3


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