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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well another Thanksgiving has gone. We went to Camden, of course, and enjoyed some of the best cooking around. I unfortunately got very sick on Friday afterwards, we think maybe it was just the rich foods. I was awful all day and finally on Saturday was no longer vomiting & nauseated. Of course a new wave of nausea hit Saturday evening while watching a certain football game... but anyway. So we threw the twins a Auburn/Alabama birthday party (for anyone who doesn't know, Coy is Bama, Colton is Auburn) It was so much fun! Nina & her kids were in for the week so the house was full! Hannah got to come as well with Mindy so it was like the beach trip from the summer all over again! They are all so sweet & we really are glad to see them so much now. I think it is important as cousins that they stay as close as possible. I have got a slew of pictures to get from Mom from the party & as soon as I do they will be posted. The twins got some good presents & seemed very excited about everything. They are growing up so fast... 10 years old. WOW! I easily remember their births... they were so tiny! Can you believe it.. Christmas is just around the corner!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Lists...

Last post I eluded to my famous Christmas list. (you know the picture book, bound & ready) Well I happen to know that my nephews (Coy & Colton - Eric's 10 year old twin boys) are definitely without question related to me...
Not only are their lists detailed but they even asked for a few things that I have on my list!!! You don't need to know what duplicates :) but I will say that they have great taste, their lists are elaborate & fun, & I really think I might have underestimated their genius! They not only made the elaborate lists, but they separated them for each set of parents & grand parents... therefore no duplicates. GENIUS!
Gosh I love'm! :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Well it is official the season is upon us! Really it was here last week, but the Monday before Thanksgiving is definitely my realization point. Turkey Day, the feast of Americans day.

Last weekend as I perused the Galleria & various other shops Thanksgiving & Christmas was everywhere. The rush was in every storefront, Christmas music piped through clear & static-y speakers, Christmas trees were lit & decorated, Thanksgiving platters anointed every shelf, and kids were selecting their prized favorite gifts. You cannot help but feel it, even those moments where it is too hot in the south and you honestly think that winter is merely a figment of some Yankee's imagination. The preparations of Christmas are one of my favorite activities as a human. My car is filled with the music when I sit behind the wheel. 96.5 out of Birmingham plays Christmas music 24/7 from 11-17 through 12-26 every year and my iPOD is loaded with my favorite selections. I already have my two trees up (though at a risk of not being too annoying I did at least decide to wait to put up the outdoor decor until AFTER Thanksgiving)

It is just so fun to search out the perfect gift for someone. To see that one thing that makes you go: _______ would love that! It always makes me smile, shopping, searching out the prize, finding it & realizing - nope this isn't what I want to give him or yes a perfect fit. There is such satisfaction. I also, being the Princess that I am, revel in making my Christmas list each year. I search high & low for the items I want then take pictures or post pictures of them to a booklet or folder. Marcus gets a copy & I get a copy. I am lucky to have someone who really wants me to give him a big list of options - meaning he is guaranteed I will like the gift & also still makes it a surprise as to which one he chooses... so wonder what I will get... :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Pulleys!

We were blessed to have the Pulleys down from St. Louis this past weekend. Tracy, Mike, Isabel & Gibby (the dog) arrived on Thursday night (11-8-07) and in a whirlwind blew through Tuscaloosa. I told Tracy that she needed to come in a few days early or at least hide out an extra day so that they can have a vacay day from their vacations! Whew were they busy! Friday night was dinner at Pepitos with Cheyenne & Aubrey. Poor Marcus had to work late & was unable to attend. Dinner was good, the company was better. It is so good to see Isabel. She has grown so much in the last year. Being able to see this beautiful little girl who was SOOOO tiny & delicate at our wedding and is now a true little toddler bustling around the room getting into mischief is such a blessing. We explored the new Alumni Hall store at Midtown, awesome Bama gear for anyone interested.
By the way, Gibby & Peanut hit it off well. Actually a little too well. Lets just say two boy dogs who are a bit confused as to the intimate details of sexuality. :) To be honest over the weekend, they began good friends & I can tell you that our Peanut really misses his newfound friend.
Saturday was Lacy's wedding in Birmingham - Mike, Tracy & Isabel got all gussied up and headed out for the festivities. Marcus & I hung out at the house (watched a terrible Alabama game) and babysat the dogs. Poor Gibby thought his parents had abandoned him, he missed them so much! You know me & cooking, I had to make a big meal for when everyone got home so of course went to the store & stocked up for some good eat'n! Tracy developed my menu already with a favorite of hers: hashbrown casserole so I was ready for some comfort food. The trio came in a bit tired, but obviously the event was a great deal of fun! I wish Lacy & her new husband all the best!

Sunday morning the trio headed out to do another round of visits - this one much easier - church; the gathering place that so makes it easier to see many people in one swoop! Mike had offered to make lunch - his special Chicken, Broccoli, & Onion pizza - let me tell you it is SOOO good! After lunch we all kind of chilled for a bit, then got dressed to go explore around campus, get some pics & afterwards plans for dinner at the Martins. Dinner was a blast, so good to see Cheyenne, Aubrey & Olivia (she is so precious). We were worn out once we got home, I know Tracy & Mike had to be utterly exhausted! What a trip, though I know that it was so much fun.

It was such a good visit. I so cherish everytime I get to see Tracy, and this one was even more special. I really got to see Tracy the mom (and no Tracy not the "shushing" mom) with Isabel. Her parenting skills are wonderful, she handles things with such grace & with a caring hand. I already knew that Isabel had a great mother, but to see her in action, to watch her with this beautiful little girl & to see that little girl light up at mom & dad, well it is awesome. I hate that they are so far away, but I know that the distance does make us notice these things more, does make us appreciate the whirlwind trips, the 'no soda in the house' moments, the 'shushing', the hugs, the laughter, everything... I cannot wait until the next visit - though it is our turn to head north & play houseguest!

(I have a few photos, there are more that I will put up as soon as I can get them off the camera)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

l'amore fra la madre & le figlie....

There are days when I am just in awe at my blessings. This past Saturday was one of them. (even with Alabama's loss to LSU - so close!) We, of course, had a house full for the weekend. The Watsons & the Stallings were in town for the game. Saturday morning my mother, sister & I were up early and headed to campus to the Bryant Conference Center for Merry Market. (it is a vendor show held yearly by the Junior League) Immediately we found things we liked & the shopping day began. While wandering all these different booths, trying different tasties, oohing & ahhing, gasping at some pricing, while marveling at the inexpense of some luxuries I found a wonderful thing. Here I am with the two women I admire more than any other in the world. Standing here laughing, talking over anything & everything, being with them enjoying each other's company, & realizing how it is too little time we spend together as mother & daughters. Nina's new location to Atlanta has been more wonderful than I hoped. Our age differences for so long was such a thing to over come. Then about 8 years ago it is as if our eyes opened & our hearts reminded us that sisters have bonds that can withstand any gaps if you work at them. Thus the friendship we have today began to build. Mom now has both daughters who are so different yet so much alike within arms reach, at ages where we can all talk & share anything or nothing at all. The ability to do so is sometimes overwhelming. There are points in each others lives that we are all not familiar with; it is as it should be, we should always be able & aware of something new about someone or at least be aware that there are things we don't know, things we are not yet able to understand. The point is that we will be there when we are needed & will lend the ear, shoulder & heart. We are getting to truly know one another. We giggled over odd fitting clothing, were understanding to not really criticism but help towards 'clothing support', loving about issues that can be scary, & more like a group of young girls on a mall run than ever before. Cloistered in a changing room laughing over colors, lengths, choices, & each other I found myself very satisfied & blessed. Quality time is not a term meant only for a husband or immediate child. I find that quality time is a range of moments, each one as important & special as the next, the key is to know that when the moment has passed that our passing memories may not be able to capture every millisecond but they will hold a scent, a sight, or a feeling that defines what love is...