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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday's Written Word: KEY

To understand this weekly event new followers can reference 1st Wednesday's Written Word
Fingers itch to touch the keys
He grins, slowly pulling the slip from the too familiar bowl..
Long, silken hair sways as the dog watches eagerly,
The clock ticks...
I inhale - waiting...
He smirks:


I begin.

Where is it? I know its here! Why can't I find it?

The clanging of the drawers echoes down the hallway. I cannot stop until I see it, until I know the truth.

Ragged breaths burst between my lips. Leaning against the cabinet I begin to slowly count to twenty. The thickness in the air begins to dissipate.

You would think they would have sufficient air conditioning! It's Mississippi for goodness sake! Damn humidity could strangle a mosquito!

Turning towards the desk under the window I stared at the blinking box on the screen. I sat back in the desk chair and almost hit the floor.

Ergonomic my foot! It almost touches the floor, swivels uncontrollably and leans back so far I can see the back of my heels. How does he work like this?

Shaking my head I adjust the chair. The screen blinks angrily, demanding an answer or for me to just leave it alone. The username was a cinch. He never changed it. The other box was my problem.

I had pulled every file from his cabinets. Not one of them held the information. Not ONE! He had to have made a copy on the computer, there is no way that he would not keep some kind of backup.

Exasperation rolled down my arm and into the fingernails tapping against the eConnex mousepad.

Too bad he doesn't have a dog or cat or bird. Pet names are normally the easiest. No wife either, course everyone knows why THAT is. Maybe the password is Infidelity?

The chuckle escaped and the delirium set in. I had been searching for two hours. It was the middle of the night and my patience had left the minute I had been assigned the mission.

"It will be simple, Lorelei! You know him best." David's smug expression as he spoke dug into my body; a collection of nameless knives stinging me every time I came up empty.

Of course I know him best. Hell, I should know him. Twenty-nine years. I exhaled at the thought.

It was too long to know someone's secrets and too late to get away from them. If only he had told me about this latest story. If only he had been honest with me. Honesty isn't his style and I am afraid that this time it may cost him.

The blinking box appeared to have slowed down its repetition. I leaned forward and lay my head on the desk. Turning my cheek I stared at the wall covered in newspaper articles.

He was so talented. There was no reason to get involved in things like this! What is he thinking? My eyes roamed title after title, at the bottom just above the wastebasket was a shiny black frame. The story inside was printed on copy paper rather than newsprint.

Odd, why a copy when he works at the newspaper office?

Carefully removing myself from the chair I stooped down. The creak behind my knees was not something I wanted to hear.

Lifting the frame I began to read the article. "Discover A Hidden World!" It sounded like a travel article.

You don't write travel pieces.

Scanning the paragraphs I discovered that the words were gibberish. Only every couple of words were real.

What on earth?

Then I saw the word ENTER. Scanning above it I saw PRESS. A loud laugh bubbled up my throat followed by a deep sigh.

Well I'll be danged.

Turning to the computer I moved the mouse to deactivate the screensaver. The box continued to blink its demands. This time I smirked as I typed in the words. The screen blinked black then his desktop opened in front of me. A quick scan through his files and I found the file that the "article" eluded to. Every racy photo and location was listed, it was everything I needed to wipe that smug look off David's face at headquarters.

I pressed print then shut the computer down. Meticulously I returned all the drawers to their original state, proceeded towards the exit and slipped behind the wheel. I could not hold back the smile as I turned the car ignition.

Only MY brother would choose the words ENTER KEY as a password.

Have a Whimsical Wednesday!


  1. Courteney,

    I read your quote about the rose and the books on Wendy's blog and LOVED IT! That is EXACTLY how I feel about my books! Had to come say hi and join your group! Do you mind if I use that quote in a post on my blog?


  2. KarenG - WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM!! It is a pleasure to have you here. Of course, go right ahead and use it - I am glad it resonated with you!! Thanks for stopping by and come by anytime ;o)

  3. Nice! I really like this feature. I should really get my husband to do it, although I'd be afraid of what words he might put into the hat. :-)

  4. Summer - Thanks. It is funny I do better with the words that are more of descriptive rather than those that can be actual items, so I was surprised when he put words like Volition, Salvation and such into the bowl. Then pops up KEY. I was You may be surprised by your husband. Mine (I'm sure yours does too) understands that this is my passion, my dream & my love so he worked hard before he finished with all the words. I don't know what are left but I look forward to the weekly ritual more and more. ;o)

  5. I loved this, Courtney! You had me laughing out loud at the end. ENTER KEY!

    Happy Whimsical Wednesday!

  6. Of course he did! Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Talli - Thanks! Glad it made you laugh! I merely channeled the craziness of my own brothers... ;o)

    Lola - Wolfpack Leader! - Welcome ;o) Glad you enjoyed.

    Betty - yes...he did. ;o) You are welcome, happy to make you laugh on this Wednesday!

  8. Hi Courtney,

    I'm a new follower and I'm really enjoying your blog!! I'll have to go back and check out your other Wednesday's written words! Thanks for sharing, loved it!

  9. Wow! I really liked this entry. Nice prose! You definitely have a flair for the written word.

    Thanks for sharing, Princess!! :)

  10. Kelly - WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM!!! I am so glad to have you. Please do check out the others. They are listed on the righ sidebar & also under the Original Works page below my header. Thanks for stopping by!

    B - so glad you enjoyed it! It is wonderful to have you in the Kingdom. Thank you so much for the kind words. ;o) You made me smile on this crazy Wednesday ;o)

  11. Hey, do I get a kickback? (Are blog quotes saleable?) You may not be published yet, but you are earning your fame in the blogosphere, for sure ;-)

  12. Good one. Is this your way of admitting to the world that you are a closet password-hacker? Hmm? lol.

  13. Wendy - lol Thanks so much! We will have to negotiate *wink* ;o) I appreciate the love and welcome all the new visitors

    Karen - Hey girl! So glad to see you visiting today ;o) Shhhhh...that is on the DL, girl!! you know how I rollllll...:o)

  14. Courtney ~ Your writing is creative and a joy to read. I laughed out loud at the end. :)
    Also, I wanted to thank you (this is about a year late) for flying out to Arizona to attend my event last April. You and the nearly 800 other people who attended are my personal angels. Never forget how awesome you are!

  15. f - it is a pleasure to have you in the Kingdom! I must say it was a blessing for me to be able to attend & to have met you. I stole a moment of your time backstage and I still remember your kind smile & sweet voice. Please, visit anytime and wander the craziness that is my Kingdom, I am honored to have you here. ;o)


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