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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday's Written Word: Beloved + Love Letter Blogfest...

My Wednesday's Written Word has been taken over by loving thoughts for the literary characters who stole my heart years ago... Frankie came up with this idea in order to honor our literary loves the day ECLIPSE premiered. It is for some to showcase Jacob & Edward and for others to give light on their favorite literary loves.

The word for today is Beloved and it is for more than one man! *GASP* yes, I am in the love triangle (really a square) so commonly found within the pages of our books, so common that it is rare to ever select a book that does not have the now expected 3 hearts where one is meant to be broken no matter the odds or actions of the others...

Yet here in my Kingdom my heart is safe, my love intact and my dreams filled with thoughts of not two but three men (I mean my husband isn't fiction but come on my heart beats for the real life humorous character who fills my days as well as the ones who fill my dreams)...
My Dearest Professor Bhaer,

It is over tea, as we both dislike coffee, that I revel in your sweet demeanor and unique wit. Try as I might to avoid running into you on my daily walks, it appears that fate has still managed to direct my hands.

You at once recognized my inky fingers for the writer I have hidden. Your kindness knows no bounds and your patience unlike any other.

It is in your sweet smile that I blush and lose all train of thought. You care not that I forget my umbrella in the rain, or run sometimes through the fields forgetting my stature. Your counseling when I need help is something I treasure.

I will never let your love for learning, your excitement for teaching those children who would not have the opportunity and your ability to make me forget everything around me when I feel your hand in mine be taken for granted.

Thank you my beloved Fritz.

Your dearest Courtney

Professor Friedrich "Fritz" Bhaer - Little Women 1868; Jo's Boys 1886; Little Men 1871 by Louisa May Alcott ( I read Little Women every summer, it has been that way since I was nine. It remains one of my favorite stories and Louisa is one of my favorite classic authors.)

Dear Colin,

At first I was unsure as to why your presence unnerved me. Your dashing good looks and loner demeanor made me suspicious. My own haven had become habit and the fear of the unknown tried to hold me back. But it was the kind heart that you tried so hard to conceal that when discovered stole my own.

You gave me a new outlook, a realization that love can see past the physical qualities that we think mar us to relationships. Instead you embraced me. The me from the inside, the soul, the spirit that yearned to be understood and wanted desperately to be seen as stronger than even I thought I could be. You saw that. You saw me and I am forever grateful.

It is your love that steered me beyond certain prejudice and opened a young mind to the idea that anything is possible, mysteries can be solved and love can remain through the test of time. Our journey through myth, legend, trust, fidelity, past lives and reincarnation planted the steps needed for my current imagination to continue creating stories.

Thank you Colin. I will love you always...


Colin McCallum- The Court of Three Sisters by Marianne Willman 1994 (This, like Little Women, is a book that my young hands read over and over and over again. The spine is worn down almost to nothing, the pages crinkled, it was a book more than likely considered a bit too old for my young mind but my heart understood every page. I still read it now at least once a year. It holds the adventure, the romance, the paranormal, the unbelievable story line that has since inspired many of my own works.)

So please visit the other Love Letters and discover new dashingly delicious hunks/ladies to haunt your dreams...

Have A Wishful Wednesday!
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  1. Ah, Fritz. I actually married a guy just like him--a smart, patient professor who nurtures the writer in me. But dang, I still pine for Teddy just the same! :-)

    Can't say I've heard of your other hero, but I might just hunt down that title. Is it adult fic?

  2. Laurel - Awww your hubby sounds wonderful!The Court of Three Sisters is considered in some listings as fantasy fic, but I am sure it may be listed adult and was printed in 1994. I know that Amazon can locate a copy. I have considered hunting an extra one down and giving it away on here, still might do so. I hope you do find it and enjoy it!

  3. I love your letters- I've never read The Court of Three Sisters and after reading your letter, I think I know what book I want to buy next!

  4. oooh I love your letters--I am esp. intrigued by Colin ;-)

  5. I want to jump Fritz. Your letter made me half-lvoe, half-lust after him! Is that wrong?

  6. This was such a great exercise I think I might have to do it. I'm not sure to whom but I'll think of someone.

  7. I love that you re-read a classic that you love every year. I used to do the same and need to get back to it.

  8. It's awesome that you wrote about Fritz. Louisa May Alcott once said she intended to keep Jo single, but her readers demanded a partner for him. So she invented this funny little man- Fritz- as a match for Jo.

  9. Ahhh...finally, after weeks away, I'm able to read your blog interruption-free. And actually leave a comment. My "Little Women" is the Anne of Green Gables series. I read (use it in both tenses) those over and over. Be still my beating heart for Gilbert Blythe.

  10. I wish people still wrote letters like this. I have a book of Love Letters as well, and it's just so romantic and beautiful. Sheer poetry. Thanks for sharing these, Courtney!

  11. Beautiful letters! Sounds like I need to pick up The Court of Three Sisters.


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