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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday's Written Word: Unexpected

Ahh, its Wednesday again! The day in the middle, the day to break up the monotony! My husband chose the word for this week. He did good I think. I enjoyed sitting down with one word at the top of the page and without any pressure or direction just typed. I liked this one and my visit it again sometime. I hope you all enjoy it too!

For those of you new to this here is what Wednesday's Written Word means: To break up the monotony a large piece can bring you; especially during revision time. I will label the entries with one word. The word will somehow resonate in the entry. If anything it will be a great writing exercise when given a singular word to extrapulate!

Ahem, so without further adieu I give you: UNEXPECTED...
Long, wet strands clung to my face as I slowly crossed the parking lot. My boots, though gorgeous in the shop window, were not made for the slick black surface beneath my feet. Every few steps reminded me why I always hated those sixth grade roller skating parties. Gritting my teeth I inched towards the rows of faculty vehicles. At the end of the first row, where senior parking began I saw the safety of my Jeep.

"Almost there." I thought as I took in what seemed like miles until my vehicle.

Heavy cotton folds wrapped around my legs making every step that much more dangerous.

"It had to rain on Hippie Day." Water slid over my cheeks as I spoke through clenched teeth. It was no longer the mist I had seen begin during fifth period, it was pouring. My left arm shot out to balance on the invisible safety rail as my feet skidded beneath me again.

I could see the headlines now:

Crazy senior from Winchester Academy careens into faculty vehicles wearing new leather boots on Hippie Day! Student claims boots were protesting the lack of traction on women's shoes!

My lips curled at the thought. It helped that my mind could still find humor after the last seven hours.

Today had been rough. Being President of the New Student Host & Hostess Welcome Committee was normally something I loved. Mostly because for about one month out of the year I get out of classes for a few days to shuttle new students around and introduce them to everyone.

It usually only occurred during August and January. Most parents tried to make transfers as smooth as possible due to the semester shifts. Not this year. It seemed that from August to October had been a new student every few weeks.

Sure, getting to skip classes is fun for a few days; but this year I was actually falling behind with all the extra time I was putting into the new students.

It's my senior year. I should be coasting along, being behind because I want to be not because I am so busy! Sheesh. It should have been easy to just say "Let someone else do it." Well, easy for anyone but me.

I focused on the midnight blue of my Jeep and continued to slide along the pavement.

My mom is the principal, School Hostess gives me extra community credit for college and puts on a good front for her; therefore "Caley can't quit!"


Today had been awful. Four new students and one that had actually arrived two days ago but had failed to meet with the counselor or me to go over the handbooks and schedules. I had stayed late again for the appointment and he had not showed.

It is homecoming week! I should be out with my friends creating memories that I will one day pretend never happened when questioned by my own children about my past. That is what Senior Year is all about - not jerks who feel their time is more important than mine!


The messenger bag soaked on my hip had become heavy even before the water weight but now it was unbearable. I felt the strap dig into my shoulder and winced. I stopped to adjust.

My fingers worked on the buckle, after fighting with the loop for a moment it finally slid out. Focused on tightening the hook and redistributing the weight I didn't hear the footsteps.

"Do you need any help?" At the sound of a voice I dropped the bag and jumped. Two books skidded across the black surface before sinking into a watery abyss and my bag lay haphazardly at my feet. It almost seemed to stare up at me. If it had a mouth it would have said one word: Crap.

Without looking up I hastily bent to grab my things, growling softly in the process. "Why would you sneak up on someone like that? Did you not see me fixing my book bag? Did you not just think to say...." Frustrated with my lack of a real argument I let the sentence drop. I hate to be startled. Control is something I strive to achieve and there is no room for surprises when you are in control.

"Sorry. Here let me help you." His voice came out soft and coaxing.

Large hands reached at the same time mine did for the last book. The folds of my skirt tangled against my thighs as I stretched to grab the spine. The weight of the outfit was too much, the angle of my body wasn't right, the boots were never meant to lift on their toes. Just as all the pieces fell into place I tilted forward. My hands scraped on the pavement and hip bounced against the hard surface; water splashed in my face and towards the intruder.

"Ouch!" The word came out louder than I intended and the pain followed as if on command.

I wanted to cry.
I needed to cry.

All I could do was stare at water flowing down the cracks of my new nemesis: a parking lot.

"Whoa! That had to hurt, are you okay? Um, I am so sorry. Did I bump you? What are you doing here so late?" The questions ran off his tongue as I sat letting the water soak into my bottom and the rain pound against my head. "Do you realize how... fluffy that skirt is?"

At the word fluffy I laughed. I could not help it, the sound just bubbled out.

It was a crazy laugh, the one I get when I pull an all nighter and drink too much soda. My eyes turned towards the hands resting on the knees now sitting beside me. Traveling up his arms I noticed strong shoulders and a broad chest. Slowly I lifted my soaking face to his.

His jawline was hard. Angles that belied the gentle tone of his voice. His lips were in stark contrast with the jaw; full peach lips that dripped with rain water. Instantly I wanted to touch them. To run my fingers along his cheek while kissing him with the rain falling over us.

I swallowed hard.
This was not like me.
I never fantasized.

It took a control that was new to me in order to continue my assessment. My eyes lifted to his and my breath caught. Cool blue eyes met mine. They were the color of a spring sky. Bright, welcoming eyes that promised adventure and warmth. He smiled at me; at once softening the angles of his cheeks and sharpening the hue in his eyes. They shined. My stomach rolled in anticipation.

I forgot the water, the long day and the books.

I no longer cared whether or not the no show new student got his welcome packet.

I only wanted to be the reason he kept smiling.


  1. OOoh I loved it. I always love reading scenes that take place in the rain--you can create so much atmosphere and the details were really nice. Getting helped by a cute guy in the rain...swoon! Nicely done!

  2. Frankie- aww thanks! I do love the rain. You are right atmosphere is essential in a rain scene. I like "Caley" and here my mind has already wrapped around where I want to take her....

  3. Loved it...want we get the rest of the story?!

  4. Awww, how sweet. OMG, I've had moments like this (although, never with some cute boy offering for assistance). Rain, rain go away....

    Thanks for sharing your story with us! It feels like it could grow into something much bigger.

  5. Perfect timing. It's raining here so I even had live sound effects while I read. Well done.

  6. This completely reinforces my theory that everything is more romantic in the rain. I mean, who doesn't want a moment like this?

  7. Tracy - thank you! I hope so...for some reason Caley is hanging around in my head so we will see...she is a control freak too so out battle of wills is going to be interesting!

    Carol - So glad you liked it...I know, right? those moments where honest to goodness everything is against you! As for the cutie in the rain...well my hubby does great but this guy...yum lol

    Karen - glad to have provided a story that was within your current atmosphere! isn't that the best..I love to read a scene of rain when raining or a scary book on a dark just adds to it!

    LiLa - As always I smile when I see you two perusing the blogosphere..yes scenes in the rain are truly so favorite movie scene is the final scene from Breakfast at Tiffanys...ahhh the rain and Cat... love it!

  8. I really liked this very much. The setting was wonderful, I could feel the rain. :) Oh, BTW, I'm over here following you from Carolina's blog.

  9. Liz - thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it!

    Sarahjayne - Yay! I am so glad you chose to stop by! I hope you visit often! I am so glad you enjoyed the story. I am really tempted to make this one grow a little...especially the scene itself.. ;o)

  10. Very well done... like Tracey, I would like to hear some more...but then again i am getting used to the waiting and waiting....*sighs deeply*

  11. Wow, that was beautiful! Great idea for a new feature! I came up with something similar for my blog called Flash Fiction Friday! Come by my blog on Friday, March 5th to check out the first post! :)



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