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Monday, September 21, 2009

Why you did not hear a "Tweet" from me on Sunday...

Well this weekend has been full of fun things! The ballgame Saturday against North Texas went very much in our favor...53 - 7. ahem - ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!
But also this weekend I was not tweeting or blogging or facebook-ing or writing - sadly I was a bit MIA or at least very sporadically you might have seen some updates. The game was not the culprit.
A woman that I know well is about to welcome her first granddaughter this Friday. Being the first granddaughter of course they are going all out.
The nursery is being done in the cutest pink, green, & brown ladybug - flower- snail design. It is simple & sweet. Absolutely precious. Anyway, Sharon commissioned me to do a few paintings from the quilt that will be on the bed. So I worked diligently on Sunday to finish everything up. All I lack is the ribbon that we are using to hang the canvases with - I will be purchasing it today & stapling it to the wooden frames.
Anyway - check out the quilt & paintings - So CUTE!
The Quilt & Paintings:
The paintings are 12 x 24 & 8 x 10 for the little ones! I cannot wait to see them with their ribbons for hanging. It was such a fun task. The simplicity of the designs made it something I could easily freehand but also allow for a sweet innocence with their non-over-the-top design.
Anyway, I should be back to normal on the social/networks as of today... ;o)



    Girl, you have TALENT!!! You're AMAZING!!! You must show more. What other things do you paint?!

  2. lol - Thank you Vivian.
    Yes I painted them. I love to sketch more than anything (pen & ink is my favorite medium, but I paint usually for other people if they want something done). I am not the best at portraits, but I love to draw hands - people say eyes are the windows to the soul, but hands definitely show the journey of that soul.
    I have done murals for friends & family and when my sister wants new art for her walls she just shows me what she wants & I paint it... ;o)
    I will be sure to post any projects that come along.

  3. Love them!!!! I thought about doing butterflies like those for izzy's room but they would not compare to your talent. So if you can get my husband to move there we could have SO much fun in izzy's room!


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