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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Okay since NaNoWrimo began today I figure regular blog entries will be few & far between.
Well in the spirit of writing I wanted to have my first contest! *the crowd goes wild*
So if you would like to win here are you entry possibilities:
+1 comment on this blog
+1 Follow my blog
+2 TWEET about the contest (be sure to leave me a link or Twitter username)
+3 Blog about the contest! (be sure to leave a link to your blog)
So those are the rules... what do you win, you ask? Well, I am taking a cue from Shannon over at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe ( )
Option#1: impossible by Nancy Werlin
Description: A young girl discovers that her bloodline is part of a curse that dates back centuries and worlds... she must complete the tasks so that true love can save her....
Okay this book is wonderful, weird, exciting, sad, heart wrenching and even funny. I read it in five hours sitting in a hotel room on a business trip. It is a National Book Award Finalist and for good reason.
Option #2: Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble
Description: Who doesn't know of the Romanovs? Czar family gunned down. The world believed one child escaped: the elusive mystery of Anastasia. Joy takes you on a magical ride as you explore a new explanation for the Romanov mystery. It is fantasy at its best & definitely explores the power of dreams! It is told in multiple POV and allows the reader to get to know various characters during their journeys. It might even make you google the story just to remind you of the history!
Be sure to leave which one you want when you comment! (open to US residents only - sorry :o( )
GOOD LUCK! *winner will be chosen at random on November 6*


  1. Heh! You were smart to not give away as many entires as I do (my hand is still tired from writing them all down.

    +1 for comment
    +1 Follower
    +2 Tweeting it

    and my choice is Dreaming Anastasia, because I absolutely love that story in history. I think that covers everything. :)

    (I'm Canadian)
    I just wanted to comment, wishing you a great debut contest.
    I'm really liking your Blog.
    Love & Best Wishes,

  3. Oh great! I loved Impossible and I'd love to be entered for this one!!


    mmillet at gmail dot com

  4. Ok here i am!! thank yo btw for cleaning up my blog!! I am excited for you and the progress you are making. I get 4 entries
    1 for comment
    1 following
    2 tweeting

    I would like the first book unless that is the one you were bawling your eyes out over the other day. If so, the second one. ;0)

  5. Woohoo! Me me pick me! I guess this means I need a twitter account... And a bit more time to post on my blog...

  6. I've been dying to read Dreaming Anastasia! Thanks for the chance!


  7. + Commet
    + Follower
    + Tweeting (tegan19)

    Choice would be Dreaming Anastasia, cause I LOVE Russian history, and know lots of facts about the lasts Tzar's family like the missing body could of been either Anastisia or her Older sister Maria, but the bodies were beyond reconised and they were roughly the same size. also when the royal family was brought down to the celler the dog Gemmie was also shot and killed, and this more then likely happened because when killing something one loves it has the most heart renching effects, so the order killed would of been Lexis Anastisia, Maria,Tatanna then Olga followed by the Queen then finally the Tzar...

    I could go on if you like.

  8. I would pic Impossible. TY for the contest

  9. if I won I wonld like Impossible.

  10. I would love option 2.
    I am a new follower.

  11. Great give-away!

    +1 comment
    +1 followed

    I'd like Dreaming Anastasia if I win.

    foltzsfantasticbooks at

  12. Yay for the first contest! I would like to be entered for Impossible. It looks great.

    +1 comment
    +1 Follower

  13. Please Count me in for Impossible =)
    +1 for Comment
    +1 for follower.


  14. I nm I just saw it'S US only,
    I am Canadian.

  15. Thank you all for entering! I draw tonight at Midnight!

    I am most sorry for the Canadians who want to win! I promise that I will open the next one to Canadian residents! PROMISE!!!


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