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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Summing Up a Fantastic Year!

A soft clicking fills my ears as the clock's hands note the seconds passing by. My palms sweat as I stare at the bright screen on my desk. The cursor blinks in time with the clicking and nausea sweeps over me.
How on earth will I ever sum up 2009?

Visions of sandy beaches, ancient stone Temples, diving headfirst into crystalline cool water of a beautiful Cenote & impromptu Jimmy Buffet concerts in Cozumel;

The dark sand of the desert and cacti of Arizona, the laughter at Shannon Hale's witty introductions, the blur as I shake hands and talk writing with Stephenie Meyer, Brandon Mull, Jon S. Lewis, Janette Rallison, Chris Gall, PJ Haarsma, Laini Taylor, Shannon Hale, Dean Lorey & James Owen, the chills as I stand on stage with Stephenie Meyer and take home a precious prize;

The beauty captured in one of my favorite cities: D.C., running through a spy mission with my husband and laughing as I almost fall UP the stairs, understanding that certain places of historic value will always take my breath away, cruising the Potomac, meeting Chef Duff from Ace of Cakes;

The comfortable & familiar Pensacola Beach with its emerald water, white sandy beaches & moments with new family;

Days spent lounging in the sand or on the edge of a pool & devouring some amazing books;

Houston's flare for exemplifying why everything's bigger in Texas & a weekend with a bird trying to climb my skirt and one on Marcus' head;

Birthday celebrations with my favorite sister;

Summer concerts with Eric & Mindy - if it is within a quick driving distance then we were there!;

Summer fun at my parents pool, watermelon, lemonade, fried fish and celebrating the patriotism of the Fourth of July;

Panama City girls weekend to the Spa with my two most favorite girlfriends: my sister Nina & my mom, ALL day spa treatments - watching my mother discover the miracle that IS ALL DAY SPA TREATMENTS lol, the divine sensation of recognizing precious moments spent together;

Celebrating 10 years after graduating high school with my 30 classmates and realizing we are all still just as close as before, understanding the grueling planning it takes to set up a reunion but also acknowledging how much I love to be in control ;

Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Tinkerbell, & Stitch surround me with hugs, seeing my husband labeled as THAT GUY by my favorite Monster: Mike Wazowski, I marvel at sharing all my favorite things that are Disney with my nieces & nephews at my old Orlando stomping grounds;

Sitting down to dinner in a Catholic church that is now a brewery in the eclectic city of Pittsburgh while chuckling at a friend who decides to try his hand at a round of stiff Irish Stout and staring wide eyed at the stained glass windows that now sit above beer tanks;

Winning a blog contest by Janette Rallison that introduces me to some of the most wonderful people I could ever know;

NaNoWriMo and the nerves that accompany finally committing to one's dreams;

Hosting my first blog contest;

Being blessed by fellow writers/bloggers with their wonderful awards and smiling as I in turn get the joy of passing awards along;

Deciding that writing should no longer be a goal that I push away, but one that I embrace with all my heart;

Learning what YouTube & Blog Wars are;

Marveling at being the subject of not one, but TWO Vlog entries on two awesome blogs! (Frankie & the Story Siren);

Weekend football games as the Crimson played a perfect season from opening in Atlanta to closing in Atlanta;

Learning to Tweet;

Discovering yet again, every day how blessed I am to have such an amazing husband, family, friends & dog (Peanut Butter Barr ;o) );

Thanksgiving shared with friends from St. Louis and the cutest curly haired little girl;

Loving the fact that my mother wanted an iPod for Christmas!;

Christmas with all its sparkle never disappoints;

Lists of resolutions for what only promises to be a sensational year...

All these things. All these wonderful moments in my life are more than I could ever dream of yet I still dream. I still have my sights set on goals, I still have my hopes pinned to letters on a keyboard, I still embrace all that the journey encompasses.

I live for these moments. I am stronger for the obstacles that fell in between each thing listed above as well as for meeting these amazing things with open heart & smiling face. Opportunities are everywhere and for years I just watched as they slipped by.

2009 reminded me to embrace life.

Welcome 2010 and all that you have to offer - may I make you proud.


  1. Wow. Sounds like an epic 2009, good lady! May 2010 be just as amazing! (And may you sidestep blog wars adroitly.)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Aw what a FABULOUS year!! I hope 2010 even tops it :-)

  3. How on earth did you cram all of that fun into one year?! Wow.

    If at all possible, I hope 2010 brings you even more joy and traveling and beauty and special memories with family and writing successes! :)

    Happy New Year, Princess! ;-)

  4. To fill a year with half as much as you put into yours would be amazing! I'm glad I got to steal a week away from 2009 with you! And the cute curly headed girl kept calling her Auntie Leslie Courtney. When corrected she'd want to know where Courtney was! Love you!

  5. Wow what a great and amazing year. I see such good things for you! This year is going to be absolutely amazing, I just know it!!! Im so glad we met through the blogosphere and became friends--I totally consider you one! I cant wait to see what comes next!!!

  6. Thank you all so much! 2009 was awesome and I am so excited for 2010! I wish you all the best of Luck, Love, Laughter & Adventure!

  7. I am so proud that you make every monent count. You keep me from getting too bogged down with the job of life, so that I remember to smile and relish every moment with the ones that I love. Love you!!!


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