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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A French Armadillo & A Surprising "Follower" discovery...

After a long evening of Christmas shopping - no I am not finished yet! I came home to find my husband and dog on the couch watching television.

But then, beside the Christmas tree was a small package.

It appeared to be a simple mailer.
I picked it up and saw the return address: Mallis.

Yes! My heart began to pound with excitement as I tore into the yellow container.

There! Right there in my hands! It is him, it is le charme, Magnadillo stupéfiant!! (He's French)

I immediately begin to scold him for detouring on his journey. At first I am strong, speaking harshly, but then he begins to talk with the most adorable French accent. He uses words like amour, magnifique, doux, desole!

The next thing I know I am sitting on the couch he is in my lap and we are reading Wings by Aprilynne Pike (this book is what took him so long. He claims he stopped only for a minute to read a few chapters, but then he was swept away into the Faerie realm and could not put it down. - You should hear him when he says Faerie *sigh*)

My husband is not pleased with this new visitor on the first day of his Birthday Week. Seems I am catering to an armadillo while he is stuck getting his own water. (Well Le Magnadillo was tired...)

Anyway there is no one like Frankie (!

Seriously, this armadillo is perfect! Isn't he adorable! Oh and here is the book he rode in on...
Not only does he fit in with the other kitchen residents (who am I kidding, he charmed my bride away from my bride & groom magnet and has the parrot on the Margaritaville scene mixing drinks...My husband even overheard the bride say something to the parrot about "he has the most magnetic personality!" *sigh - from the sweetness & the lameness of the joke* So a huge virtual hug to Frankie!!!

On a completely different topic... umm I happen to have another blog (Snippets of a Subconscious Mind ) I created it a long time ago before blogging was really a past time of mine. It was supposed to be a 'locked' blog. ONLY viewable to the creator. Um not so much. How surprised was I to see a Follower listed on that site. Yep. This past Monday 'Okie' discovered the old entries. Thankfully he/she enjoyed reading them. Normally I would have freaked out. Again, sharing my work is not common AT ALL for me. Those pages are exceptionally raw due to they were typed literally after a continuous dream plagued me and I needed to just get the thoughts out!

But as I sat and thought about a comment response to 'Okie' I realized I might want to use the site again. Those snippets were fun. I recently enjoyed writing a quick short story (it was not perfect, but it was quick, raw, & a great mind exercise while working on my novel's manuscript)

So I plan to put some things over on Snippets soon. It can be where I type when I need a break from writing my WIP but still feel the need to creatively write something other than just a blog entry.

I will be sure to link an entry in this site everytime I update in case you want to read it. So thank you Okie, for reminding me of something I had set aside.

Also, thank you Followers - you remind me to just step out here and share my thoughts, my dreams, my stories. You make it worth sharing. :o)


  1. It's worth it to us, too, Princess, because you are a chuckle-full-of-fun to read. I always get so excited when my friendly sidebar tells me you've updated! ;-)

    Congrats on your new friend and cool book!

  2. Your refrigerator, good lady, looks a little bit like mine--wall-to-wall magnets and memorabilia. Tain't my choice, neither. My wife's the magnetaholic. *shrugs*

    Congrats on your charming new arrivals... :)

  3. LOL! Too funny! I'm so glad that naughty little armadillo made his way to you. Next time, I send the book separate so you can't steal it and read it!!! Yes, that's a threat. Anyway yay, love the post and so glad they finally got there1

  4. Hi :)
    I love the armadillo.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures.
    All the best,

  5. Shannon O' - Thanks so much! Le Magnadillo is adjusting well. I am excited about the book - I start reading it tonight!

    Simon - yes, yes, we really try hard to use the fridge as it was meant to be: A large cooler with souvenirs from every. single. place. we. visit. tacked over every. single. square. inch. of. the. appliance. Sadly my husband & I both are at fault... yeah....

    Frankie - he is precious. I made sure he read what you said, but to be honest he pouted the cutest little pout and well... you should never threaten Le Magnadillo... ;o)

    RK - ALWAYS a pleasure to have you stop by. Thank you! Isn't he adorable...*sigh*

    JuJu- I cannot wait to start Wings tonight - headed to bed now to read... ;o)

  6. Wherefore art thou, Princess? The commoners are missing you! ;-)

  7. Shannon O' - lol I have a post scheduled for 1 p.m. today -it is a contest & a conversation between my kitchen residents!


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