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Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Kiss BlogFest - a day late!

*UPDATE 1-3-2010* For some reason this did not post yesterday! So sorry!


Frankie over at (Frankie Writes Decided that since the Kissing BlogFest (In Honor of Mistletoe) went over so well she wanted to do the No Kiss Blogfest! YAY!
Okay, this is from my current WIP-FIRST DRAFT (on the Kissing BlogFest you met Analeigh & Damien, here they are again before that scene occurs...crazy kids! ;0) lol)


I heard him in the darkness. His footsteps were light but distinct. He thought he could surprise me but this time I was ready.

Our relationship had changed over the past few weeks. The man who at first feared and questioned my abilities now trusted me with his life. He looked at me with confidence rather than uncertainty. Warmth spread through me as I thought about him. It was pleasant yet disturbing. The day before he had looked at me not with confidence but with desire.

Rulio had warned me to be careful of those around me. I never expected to have to be careful of Damien. He seemed so cynical towards any sort of affection. How do I let him know that love is not meant for me? That life dealt me my fate when I was ten and stood watching the fires destroy the only love I had ever known? He would never understand.

I kept my back to the door as he moved across the room. I decided he would try to attack from the left, my weaker side, to see if I had been practicing the Ivasione tactic he had taught me. I remained relaxed as I heard his breathing.

It was hard not to listen to his thoughts. In fact my vow to remain out of my men’s heads was beginning to become more of an obstacle than I had expected. But I knew that once broken, I would never regain their respect. No. I had worked hard to be accepted and would not risk it.

The slightest shadow revealed his arm at my left. Just as I was about to spin and speak the words his hand rested on my hip rather than my shoulder. I tensed. This was not the move I had foreseen.

“Analeigh.” My name was spoken as though it were a caress. Chills slid over my body yet the warmth remained in my chest. His face was inches from my ear. I could feel his breath and realized that I had begun to hold mine.

He seemed to be waiting for a response.

Slowly I turned to face him, his hand remaining in place. In the darkness the green of his eyes held a luminescence I had never seen before. The room began to fill with soft candlelight. I knew this was his magic; it was a different kind and I found it made my hands sweat.

He leaned forward as he closed his eyes. Oh no! He means to kiss me!

Immediately a war began that I was so unprepared for I almost hit my knees. The warmth no longer sat deep in my belly; it swelled and encompassed my entire body. I felt the radiance of the sun and wanted to bask in it. My mind quickly fought back. What would happen if I kissed him? I only had a mild attraction to him. It would be wrong to lead him on, to let him think that this was something he could do at will. But oh to explore this new sensation; curiosity creeped along the warmth aiding to its intensity.

I bit my bottom lip as I decided which path I would take.

His head tilted and my eyes roamed his face. His familiar jawline cut at an unnatural angle; his chin held the stubble of the past few weeks; he was so handsome.

His heartbeat pounded in his chest. I wanted badly to slip into his thoughts. The desire to hear them was almost my undoing.

I leaned forward and brought my hand to his shoulder. My fingertips lay along his neck. I could just barely feel the curls of his hair. His hand remained light on my hip. I took a deep breath.
“Damien.” I spoke it on a whisper as my fingers dug into his shoulder. My other hand moved quickly to his gut, I spoke the word Ivasione softly; sparks of blue slid over him and in a mere second he lay on his back staring up at me.

His face was a myriad of emotions. The shock registered first then the embarrassment, and then I was surprised to see sadness before the anger set in.

Perhaps I chose the wrong path.


  1. Wow, that was SO good! It makes me want to kiss someone right NOW, lol! so hawt, great work! :D


  2. Oh, nice tension. The wrong path...I do believe I'd like to find out for sure. Nicely done!

    Wish I'd thought to just post an entry late. I just gave up when I couldn't get one in on time. But I'm glad you posted yours. Great read.

  3. Oh, this was awfully good, good lady. I liked it a lot. Nicely done!

  4. You rock, Princess! I loved it - thanks so much for sharing. :-)

  5. Ooo--so glad you still chose to post. Good stuff. I love the wrong path line at the end. Well done you!

  6. Cool -- such a twist compared to the other ones I've read so far... I love that she's only mildly attracted to him! Although based on the description of her physical feelings... I'd say she's a little bit more attracted than she knows. dun dun DUNNN

  7. excellent my dear little sister. I have been asking for more of this story for a while, yet you are still teasing me with it...mmmm what do I do?


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