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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'd like to thank the Academy...

Well, this holiday season seems to be falling around me like a blizzard. At first Thanksgiving was that early not really sticking to the ground snowfall but the past week has been a blanket of holiday activities! Shopping has kept me busy as well as Christmas parties and some wonderful evenings out.

Today though was about finishing my shopping list. As I ended up at home this evening I was terrified to look at the list & see if I had even put a good dent into what seems to be a constantly growing list... the verdict: ONLY TWO THINGS LEFT!!! HAPPY DANCE AROUND THE LIVING ROOM!

I realize that I am behind on a few things....

I have to say that again, I truly am grateful and surprised at receiving these awards! I mean, thank you so much! Honestly every time I see someone tell me they honored me with something I smile and feel so touched to have been thought of!

From Shannon O'Donnell of Book Dreaming ( & Courtney Reese of well, Courtney Reese ( (her blog is her name-and what a marvelous first name she has!!) You both are so sweet & I love to visit your blogs!
The Superior Scribbler Award

Rules: Pass it on to 5 deserving blogs!

Lisa & Laura @ Lisa and Laura Write
Sara @SeeSaraWrite
Kate @ The NeverEnding Shelf:
JuJu of Tales of Whimsy (
Simon C. Larter @ Constant Revision (

Second: The One Lovely Blog Award
From Liz @ Cleverly Inked ( Thank you so much Liz!!!

Rules: Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

15!!! OKAY HERE THEY ARE (random order of course):

Briana of The Book Pixie (
Marybeth of Desperately Searching for My Inner Mary Poppins (
The Compulsive Reader (
Anna of Book Nerds (
Kate @ The Neverending Shelf (
Lisa & Laura @ Lisa and Laura Write (
Cindy @ Princess Bookie (
Casey @ A Passion for Books (
Carol @ Carol's Prints (
Sarah @ Sarah with A Chance (
Karen Amanda Hooper @ Author of the Kindrily (
Mariah @ Constantly Risking Absurdity (
Sara @ SeeSaraWrite (
Whew... 15. blogs. whew.
Oh and if any of the above listed weren't already on your blogroll...well I hate to pull rank but *clears throat* By Royal Command Visit These Blogs As Often As You Can! They Are Amazing!
Okay so now I must leave and continue to work on the answers to a certain set of questions sent over by a certain fellow writer *cough*Frankie*cough*....


  1. :-) Look at you getting all these awards!! Awesome!

  2. Oh, Lord, m'dear.

    There are some bloggers who aver that to be given an award more than once is to be given license to repost the answers from the first time one was presented with said award. I'm not one of those bloggers, just so you know. :)

    So I'll say a heartfelt "Thank you" for the award, good lady. Then I'll go off and sigh a bit, 'cause now I have to share more about myself, and I know fine well what kind of info my blog followers are looking for. (Embarrassing info, if that wasn't clear already... :)

  3. yessssssssss I can't wait to read Simon's embarrassing info :-) Congrats on the awards! (PS did you get my e-mail with my address? I sent it again!)

  4. Oh thank you thank you. How very sweet of you! Thank you for thinking of me :)

  5. battling people in the stores is awful right before Christmas. Atleast you are almost there!

  6. Oh my, you are so kind. Thank you so much!! I'm so flattered. I'll be sure to pass the award on asap! Congrats on receiving your awards as well. You are very deserving.

    Again, thank you thank you thank you!!! (And so glad you've mostly gotten through your To Do list! My own list is still fairly massive!)

  7. Congrats, Princess Courtney! You deserve them and so do your excellent recipients! ;-)

    Now I have to go and work on the same set of questions, sent to me by two fun followers.

  8. Congrats on all your awards! The Academy loves you (as it should!). And thank you so much for my award!! I'm honored! :D

  9. Congrats on your lovely awards! And thank you for passing on the luv :)

  10. This totally made my day! Thank you so much for the award and more importantly for your heartfelt comment yesterday. Can't tell you how much we appreciate it!

  11. Simon-yeah you are wrapped up in it now... might as well start separating the 'slightly embarrassing' from the 'oh my gosh, like, Simon, I am peeing in my pants now embarrassing'

    Sara - received email. Address recovered. Package being sent today! ;o)

    JuJu - you are so welcome & so deserving!

    Liz - yes! thank goodness and yesterday I finally finished! woohoo!

    Carol - thanks! You are deserving as well! I am so glad to have discovered you...Thanks Simon ;o)

    Shannon O' - thanks! Good luck on those questions! ;o)

    Sarah - you are ever so welcome! Thanks for stopping by! ;o)

    Karen - girl your blog is great! I have missed your entries for the last little bit! ;o) Mailing your prize out today!

    LiLa - you two are amazing! Your blog is not only a funny stop on the blogroll but also a beautiful glimpse at what I know are two amazing people! You are welcome for the award - you deserve it. As for the other day...I truly did think of you both often and the grin spread across my face every single time.

  12. Thanks for the great links. I'm always happy to meet more writers.

    Lynnette Labelle

  13. Congratulations on the awards! They are so fun!


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