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Monday, December 28, 2009

In Between the Holidays & a Special Upcoming Birthday Week!

How is everyone? Here we are in between holidays. This is always an interesting time for us. Our families are in South Alabama and we both work....sooooo... that means that we venture down for Christmas, come back to work then venture back down for New Year's. Yep we head back south this coming up weekend. My sister & her kids will be down to share Christmas with us and well, we have to drop off our dog at my parents after New Year's... Why? you ask....wellllllllll.......


Why, you ask again? Well it just so happens our beloved Crimson Tide is playing for the BCS National Championship. Yes we are those kinds of fans. You know the ones that will travel just about anywhere to see their collegiate team play. Yeah. The University is the reason we ended up in Ttown to begin with. We were both raised to be diehards and our parents did a good job.

Now, some of you may remember that Birthday Week ( is celebrated in my house. Guess what my birthday is January 7 - the day the Tide plays. Meaning my birthday week will be spent in Los Angeles... oh the things I could demand...*grinsmischievously*

So far I have a very eventful week planned. I was blessed to have a client give me tickets to....
.....with Red Carpet Access.....
YES you read that right. I am freaking out right now, people! I just cannot believe how excited I am. Then at the end of the week we are going to DISNEYLAND! OMG! I just am overwhelmed... This will be an epic CourtneyPalooza Birthday Week! I am just jumping for joy & fit to be tied! YIPPEE!!
I always think about celebrities that I would love to meet. I watched Julie & Julia this weekend and it got me thinking again. So if I could meet & talk with any celebrity living or dead it would be (forgive me for not being too deep on these choices) Female - Grace Kelly she was so well, graceful. She also had a way of handling everything with aplomb and a charisma that is unmatched-plus she was a princess. Male - Hugh Grant - the guy just makes me laugh and I love his accent.
Okay so since this was a totally random post I have a totally random question for all of you: If you could have a meet & greet with any celebrity (living or dead) who would it be (name one male & one female)?


  1. Male: Winston Churchill - Sardonic, funny, intelligent as hell, and liked his scotch.

    Female: Audrey Hepburn. Do I have to add anything to that? :)

  2. OH Simon - Audrey would definitely be my second female choice! Can you say inspiration? geez.
    I am not at all surprised at Churchill for you. I have a feeling he would chuckle heartily at your flash fiction. Good choices. ;o)
    Thanks for stopping by! ;o)

  3. Good to have you back. I have missed you! I'm totally jealous of both your football tickets and your red carpet access - totally. beyond totally.

    Male: Jackie Robinson (you know what an obsessive baseball fan I am)

    Female: Mother Teresa

  4. Shannon - I AM SO EXCITED - I HAVE SQUEALED SPORADICALLY! lol Love your pics, yes, you have definitely expressed your love for baseball ;o)Mother Teresa would definitely be interesting to meet...
    Glad to be back! ;o)

  5. This is a tough

    Male - (This is a LONG list to choose from) Ok I'm a super dork but I have always wanted to meet Michael W. Smith. I know he's a singer and not an actor, but still. (It's that or Patrick Dempsey)

    Female - (I probably SHOULD say Julie Andrews eh?)Can I choose JK Rowling???

  6. Marybeth - Michael W. Smith was always someone I thought of as such a hottie when I was in Jr. High. He has a beautiful voice! Oh Julie Andrews would be wonderful - she is just epic! But ooohh JK...wouldn't you just want to sit and ask her a million questions!!! I would for sure.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. OMG I am SO jealous! Please take LOTS of pics!!!

    My choices are beyond shallow, but I don't even care...

    Male: Ryan Reynolds. I love him. So much, in fact, that I was this close to writing him a letter inviting him to my sorority end of the year formal my senior year (and yes, I had a boyfriend at the time, lol)

    Female: Jennifer Aniston. There are no words to express why. I just love her. I've even had two recent dreams about her in the past month in which we were friends (no pun intended). So random, I know.

  8. Aw, Courtney, my lovely little state is happy to welcome you. Enjoy all that Hollywood has to offer and try to ignore all the junk that comes with it (traffic, smog, seedy streets, overpriced everything, ah, Cali, how I love/hate you!) If you need any pointers let me know. I am kinda Disneyland expert (yeah...I go like once a month) and I know my way around LA pretty well. Squee--you're going to have a blast.

    As far as celebrities:

    My first instinct was Orlando Bloom (*drools*)--but then remembered how disappointed I always am when I meet the "cute" guys (they're always super tiny, and Orlando already looks tinier than most) Plus actors are so screwed up it's usually a disappointment, so, um, um, I'm going to say Walt Disney (only because Marybeth already took JK Rowling and he did the same thing with a mouse and animation that she did with a book and a wizard boy.)

    Have a blast! (oh, and we're having really warm weather right now, so you might want to pack kinda light. Not shorts or anything, but I think you might get hot during the day in long sleeves. It's been getting up to like 78, 80 in the afternoons.)

  9. Ohhh can we say i am a beautifully rich shade of green??? I am both envious, JEALOUS, and excited for you at the same time!! I would love to be going with!! You better bring home a BIG trophy!!

    I want to meet Sandra Bullock I just love all of her movies and she seems so down to earth.

    Matthew McConaughey mmmm he us just so cute and again seems really down to earth!

  10. Oh. My. God. SO JEALOUS!!! Can't wait to see pics! I need to live vicariously through you.

    Hmm...I love Simon's Audrey Hepburn pick! She's the first celeb that popped into my mind too.

  11. Sara - LOVE Ryan Reynolds. one of my favorite celebrities. Ever since Van Wilder he has just been on my list. I love him in Just Friends & "RACHEL" of course she would be fun to know.

    Shannon M - Thanks for the welcome to your state. We are so excited! I know all the bad smog, traffic, etc will be there but hopefully the naive southern girl will overlook it and just enjoy the trip. ;o) Oh & Walt Disney what a choice...he was the reason I majored in Animation & still love it to this day!

    Nina (bamagirl) I am not surprised at all by Sandra Bullock being your choice - you have always loved her & Matthew - yeah he is the reason I hate the words No Shirt No Service because that man should never have to put one on!

    JuJu - thanks! I appreciate you stopping by, I always love to see you! ;o)

    LiLa - Oh the pictures will be crazy, I tell you, CRAZY!! ;o) I cannot wait! I will come back with oodles of details! Oh & yeah Simon's Audrey is definitely classic and well deserving.

  12. Oh Court! So my picks would have to be The one and only Mr. Bill Cosby, he hilarious and I love his straight forwardv comments on all things social. Female is a bit harder, since Audrey Hepburn has been mentioned many times, I do love Katherine Hepburn (or Sandra Bullock)!

  13. Courtney, I think I'll let my age show alittle

    Male: Bing Crosby
    Female: Angela Lansbury

    You know your Mom.


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