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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silver Orbs of Light....

Soft silver lights blink in the distance as I walk along the road. At first they seem miles away but as I move forward distance becomes irrelevant. The blurry orbs begin to take shape. They bend, they sharpen, they curve, they engulf my senses. My eyes grow strained yet the glow, the silver glow, awards me by highlighting the path at my feet. Other colors break through my vision. On my left I find shades of red, green, and gold. On my right the soft pastel hues of spring float along the wind. The colors are at once muted yet bright. They glisten against shaded shapes of trees and buildings.

My breath releases quick puffs of frigid air while my feet move along the frosted ground. A crunch fills my ears when the life of a pine cone ends by my heel. Sounds flicker in and out of my hearing. Dogs bark, car horns blare, music plays yet I continue forward. My arm brushes against a limb and for a moment I hesitate. As my speed decreases I discover that my path has shifted slightly. I look towards the lights again and find they are right there with me. They have not wavered. It is I who has adapted my footing. I focus again on their beauty.

I have faith that they will be what they are meant to be. It is that faith that surrounds me when the other colors become too bright, when the sounds encase my ears and cause me to stop. It is also that I know, that if for any moment I want to stop moving forward and take a break. A moment to stare at the frost covered ground, to swing from a limb, to chase the sounds or to just sit amongst the overwhelming and beautiful path.... I can.

This is my journey to take, my choice to discover all that I can do, all that I want to try and all that I need to accomplish. The silver lights are not some place I am trying to reach, they are merely a collection of focus points, of people, of moments, of obstacles, of creations. Each one unique, each one with its own direction, yet each one is meant just for me to discover and to live...


  1. That was absolutely beautiful, Princess. I love the smooth fluency and the soft imagery of the lights. I liked it so much, that I had to read it again! ;-)

  2. Frankie - Thanks! It means so much that you think so. :o) Love the question entry by the way...even if I did break a rule or two....

    Shannon O' - Thank you! It was honestly a scene that came to me this afternoon. I was thinking of how this time of year makes us think about so much we have done or haven't done and well, this came to me. It really is how I see my life sometimes.

    bamagirl1 - Nina you know I love you! I have missed your visits or at least when you comment on your visits to the Kingdom. Don't be such a blog stranger!

  3. ;). I expect you to sign my copy when you are published!

  4. I like silver orbs! Ok I'll admit, I like just about anything shiny :)

    Great post. Glad to see you on my blog. Can't wait to network :)

  5. Lovely :-) I read it twice <3

    "A crunch fills my ears when the life of a pine cone ends by my heel." I absolutely LOVE this line!

  6. Your writing is so descriptive, that I can see the scene perfectly and hear the sounds in my head. Beautifully done!! Love you


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