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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spasms of thought...

Hello! Well it is April 1, 2008. How insane is it that we are truly now moving through Spring? I just cannot get over how fast this year seems to be passing by.

I am loving that the weather is more spring like just about every day (I say just about due to the small cold snap yesterday & rainy outcast today -though Mother Nature's little ditty "April Showers..." might just be on the money sometimes)

We have been oh so lazy lately. Last weekend was crazy lazy days! I mean holy crow I am not sure if we moved at all! The laziness was what we needed though. We read all day Saturday & napped most of the evening. But a quick trip down to Brent for lunch with Mom, Dad, Eric, Mindy & Hannah was most definitely the only time we left the house on Sunday :)

This weekend I am having a Pampered Chef party (to any of you that read this know that you are all invited so swing on by) Marcus has seen right through my Pampered Chef "ruse". It is merely an excuse for a Pretty Party he says.... yep he says right! LOL. Any reason for cake, goodies & good friends is reason enough for me!!! He of course is content in knowing that there will be oodles of food so he is fine with me having one :) Hopefully I will see some of you there, those of you that cannot attend I will post pics when it is over!

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