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Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well my Pampered Chef party went very well! I had a great turnout & the food was awesome! For those of you that could not attend, I did take some pics of the food & such. I do hope that for whatever I have next that I will see some of you :) enjoy!
(the cake was Chocolate ganache with chocolate cake & chocolate mousse on the bottom layer - the top portion was a strawberry cake! YUMMY!)


  1. Ummm. did you make that cake because it looks can make it when we come down! I'll even help clean the bowl. I hope it went well, as usually the food looks amazing!

  2. Dadgum, girl! I'm really sorry I missed it now! Oh, well. Perhaps we can throw another party with fab food just for the heck of it...we'll plan it for when the Big T comes down for a visit.


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