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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scenes from the Upcoming TWILIGHT movie!

OMG!! Entertainment Tonight has an exclusive look at the scenes shot for TWILIGHT. (this is a great example of how they are having to make some adjustments in order for the book to translate well onscreen) IT IS SO AWESOME THOUGH!!! I cannot wait until December :)
Click on the link below to watch the video!


  1. NICE! Edward is still not cute or 'buff' enough for me but I guess it'll have to do!

  2. I'm excited! Bella they got right, but is that how you pictured Edward? I don't know, something's missing.

  3. I think that the biggest issue that anyone who reads the book is the beauty part of Edward. I don't think that in literary history has there ever been a character so separate to each reader. I was not positive on my first glance of him as Edward - but as I saw this clip & the newest one (posted at the bottom of my blog from MTV)I am sold now. He is endearing, intense & the two of them in the meadow scene (look at the video at the bottom of my blog) where he looks toward her with her eyes closed...closed the deal for me. I think he will actually be quite good. I am havin issues with Taylor Lautner as young Jacob but the long hair wig does help! either way I am ecstatic & ready for May - August - December.


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