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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Complete little circle of addicts :)

My sister finished the series. 3 books = 4 days. Yep she is done, she is hooked. Possibly a little agitated that I got her addicted to something that we will have to wait 4 months to have the end to... :) now I won't suffer alone. Marcus has also finished the series 3 books = 1 week. He is also now addicted.... yep misery does love it some company. I am ecstatic that they both enjoyed them so much. I am surprised Nina was able to finish what with me constantly checking in with her to see what part in the books she was at. It was so much fun though. I rarely "share" my books with people, in the sense that I love many books but I don't always push others to read them. This series though was a bit different - the love story took my breath, my imagination, my heart all in one full swoop. I found myself like all the other Twilighters, in love with the characters. I also found that my own husband has "Edward" qualities. I love that. The fact that I had never noticed them before made me a bit ashamed, but I also love that I am aware of them now. He also has a great deal of "Jacob" qualities. I find that I am luckier than Bella in that I get to have both worlds. She had to make a choice. Though to be honest considering her connection to her true love there never was one to make. It just was as it is supposed to be. Anyway, my circle of addicts is fairly complete - I have just got to get my mom to read the series ;) - I hope that any of you out there pick them up. Give them a try, open your mind & heart & enjoy sure to be classic love story....


  1. and if we all go to the movie at the same time it will be like we're there together!

  2. Is this addiction something I should take responsibility for? I'm glad to have a fellow follower!


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