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Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Traditions..

Football - Springtime. I know such an odd conundrum created by the two words but here in Bama country it means excitement, anticipation, sunshine, & family fun. A - Day allows a great many fans to preview the talent that could be seen the following Fall. It also creates a day that is used to introduce young fans to the history, the majesty, & the love of Alabama Football. This year in my house it was no exception!
Nina, Keith, Jon, Anna, Christian, & Jessica came down from Atlanta.
Rob brought Regan from Birmingham.
Marcus & I, of course, hosted the weekend.

We ALL went to the scrimmage. I found myself walking a campus I know very well, but I found myself answering questions that I had not thought about in years. The kids are curious & excited to walk the grounds of a place that their uncle, aunt, mother, father walked & loved. They enjoy seeing all the Crimson & White flags on the lamp posts, they get so excited to hear the fight song or someone around them yells ROLL TIDE! Their eyes light up as they see a Fraternity house their father lived in or the beautiful Quad filled with people playing touch football, tag, or just walking around enjoying the beautiful weather we had on Saturday. It was great to see them clap & holler when the players hit the field & to hear them ask questions as the game progressed. Granted the hot sun & early arrival we had to make to ensure seating did make them tired & a little bored before the scrimmage but they had a great time. It was a day that I will always remember & will cherish... I am glad to have been a part of creating a wonderful memory & hopefully a new tradition for all of them.

We got home & had a HUGE surprise for the kids... Marcus has a friend who owns one of those gigantic moonbounce things & well we borrowed it for the weekend & had a ball! The kids played & played & played. We had cake & cookies (all Bama themed of course) & grilled out. It was such a wonderful weekend.

Nina & I even got to talk face to face about the Twilight books & get each other all excited & nervous about the final book. It is truly an obsession & I am glad to have her to talk to it about.

Late Saturday night the adults stayed up til 2 a.m. playing cards & laughing at our own little idiosyncracies of card playing. I had so much fun. Being able to just sit & spend true quality time with Nina has been so therapeutic. It is wonderful when your sister is truly your friend. Enjoy our pics...

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