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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thank goodness the weather is showing signs of Spring again. It felt like we lost Spring for a little while... anyway, we have a busy weekend coming up. Our niece Regan turns 5 this weekend & there is a party planned for Libby Lu in the Galleria - yep bunch of little girls getting makeovers! It actually should be a lot of fun. We are going to spend the weekend in Calera at Kerry's house starting on Friday. Peanut will love the mini-vacay.
Next weekend is the first of our beach trips! YIPPEE!!! Marcus is actually going to go to Talledega with my Eric, Mindy, Dad, & the twins. Mom & I are going to Sandestin (I also hope that Nina will be able to go with us - we are working on logistics right now). I cannot wait!! Thank goodness for friends with beach houses. ;)
Also - Twilighters out there - all these teasers are awesome. I am hoping that the tidbits from the movies will keep me occupied at least until book 4 comes out. ;)


  1. Who are you kidding girl, these teasers are not going to keep you calmer...they are going to drive you more insane. Still bummed about Edward...still isn't buff enough for me. Oh well... have fun at the beach with your mom! Tell her and Nina hello for me!

  2. lol! I love the teasers getting me all excited, they are helping though to wait for the book. I don't know in the book he is described as muscular but Bella also calls him lanky in her first description. She does not realize his build until they are a little more up close & personal... so Rob is fine with me, especially since he seems to be able to carry off the chemistry. He could be short & so long as he is able to smile that smile & look at her the way he does in the clips - my heart palpitations may not make it :) The beach will be great! I will give them your love.


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