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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

pins & needles

OMG! My sister has finally purchased book 1 in the TWILIGHT series... thank goodness I need someone else to talk to about the book (don't get me wrong Marcus has enjoyed the series, but I have become such a fanatic/nerd that it blows him away - plus he likes to tease me about how the series may end *YECH*) Nina is so far enjoying them & I must say that I AM THRILLED!!! I so need a girl to really dissect these with :) I know I am crazy - if only she could read faster - I am on pins & needles until she gets through with book 1 then I will be the same way when she gets to books 2 & 3! :):):):):)


  1. You know you can dissect them with me if you get bored. I read the first three in 1 week. I can't wait for the fourth to come out in August!!! I love them so much. I'm a little said over the guy they cast as Edward for the movie (it' the guy who plays Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter), Unless he really starts working out and they change his hair...he's just to scrawney...

  2. It's . She spells her name with an 'e' in stephenie instead of an 'a', and I'm a total addict too. I can't wait for the movie to come out. I'm halfway through the 3rd book! Chat with me about them anytime!


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