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Friday, February 5, 2010

I ran away.....

Not really... but in a way it feels like I have been on some crazy train ride to everywhere these past 13 days...

13 DAYS!! OH MY GOSH! Where have I been? What have I been doing? Where has Gnick the Gnome been? Do I have anything to show for my absence?

eh. Yes & no. After Gnick's first week of all out extravagance we let him cool his jets and just relax. Then we headed off to HOT-LANTA for a weekend of fun! We went over to my sisters and had a wonderful visit. She & I tried on a hundred 1980's style dresses by request of the nieces, bought some pretties, enjoyed some yummy food, got mischievously toasted for a few hours of card games & thoroughly loved every minute!! By the way there are some interesting dresses in this world today...just say'n...

Then this week, oh this week. I have been working the day job hard & heavy but during all the spare time I can find I've been throwing myself into my WIP. Which I must say has been wonderful.

But as I read through some emails, did a little online shopping, enjoyed dinner with a friend, caught up with family, cleaned up my kitchen (it was really bad), finally put the last of the Christmas stuff in the basement, read a chapter from an amazing writer *cough* - wait, not cough - HOLLER *Frankie* HOLLER*happydance*, told Carol that her prize had shipped (YAY!) and realized I had a few boxes in my computer room that need to ship *ahem*2 prizes from December*ahem*sosorry*, I discovered that life is pretty dang good. lol

Seriously, here I am moving through the second month of Twenty-Ten and I am working on a manuscript, visiting family, shopping, having a blast with the hubby, holding contests and all out loving this crazy life.

There are moments when I look around and just grin at the possibilities, then there are the moments where I question which possibility will be right for me. That second, the tiny second of wondering "Am I headed in the right direction? Am I sure? Do I really want to go that route?" is exhilarating. Seriously, it is in those moments that I am most aware of being alive. I get to forge this path or just relax & choose one to follow. What better existence is there?

So as I return to my semi-normal schedule you will see me commenting on your posts, leaving notes on here, being silly, having fun, questioning the big things: "Do i want that Golden Oreo? Oohh, love that bag, do I want to get it myself or leave hints for Marcus?" :o) but most importantly I hope to continue to see a bright & beautiful life all around me (this time of year is when the doldrums usually set in so I am heading them off at the pass!!).

Oh & by the way - in the spirit of LOVE. I am hosting another for it... its a doozie!

P.S. I know you are dying to know: Yep, just popped a Golden Oreo in my mouth...nom nom... lol


  1. Yay! The Princess is in the building! You have been missed, dear Courtney, and I'm so glad you're back. :-)

  2. "in those moments I'm most aware of being alive."

    Love those moments. Love 'em. They're priceless.

  3. I'm so glad you are back! I was starting to text you last night but it was 11:30 just to see if you were still around. Your highness... please don't leave your loyal subjects waiting for so long, we do so hang on your every word!

  4. I really loved your post. It was, as they say, a breath of fresh air. I feel happier about life in general now... Things are good. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  5. Cute post!! I am glad you had such a great time!! I did too!! BTW the chx is FAB!! Although next time I do believe that my new nephew Gnick should be allowed to visit too!! he he!!He could have tried something on too!! or atleast laughed at us! ;0)

  6. OMG you just made me smile sooooo much!!! Love!!! And super excited for more regular blogging and the contest! Wheee!

  7. Mmm oreos. I'm having a LOVE contest too. It must be in the air.
    I want to see pics of those dresses!

  8. YAY! So glad to be back buzzing around the blogosphere! I missed you all!!!

  9. Great post, I really miss it when you dont' update, this is how I keep up with you.Every time I read your post it makes me smile, and to read the wonderful comments from all of your new friends is so much fun. but I still prefer to see your beautiful smile in person and get a hug. I really enjoyed this past weekend, it was a blast.


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