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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Girl who Loves to Shop...

LOL. Yes 3 posts one day... by me...wowsers.

The first one about the amazing Maggie's contest was such a blast to put out there! So awesome. Then Princess Bookie (I mean I can never ignore a Royal friend) surprised with her contest as well, so how could I not post more than once? Can you not feel the contest excitement? ;o)

Well on other notes I discovered today an interesting thing about myself: I am sometimes indecisive when shopping.

*BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - maniacal laughter of the husband & family members & friends-that already knew this and are laughing at my attempt to feign ignorance*

ahem, yes indecisive... and picky (hush mom ;o) ) I was minding my own business and shopping at Charming Charlies during my lunch break. For those of you unaware of this utterly female store let me explain:

Upon entering Charming Charlie's a a hummingbird cannot compare to the beat of a woman's heart as she gazes at the array of items to covet.

Her wallet crawls to the edge of her purse peeking out at the plethera of jewels, handbags & clothing that will drain it of the money she has hidden deep within the zip pocket.

Her shoes will shed a tear at the realization that they have just become yesterday's favorites to the many shelves of sandals, flip flops & heels that fill the adorable modern store shelving.

Her clothes will be in turmoil...the soft white cotton top will be excited at the prospect of pairing with the sea foam scarf hanging on the back wall, but will shutter to think of how it will end up in the hamper due to the bright yellow blouse that beckons her over.

After the initial shock of the sheer size of the store and its many items her mind rests on the organization of it all. Yes - the store's layout will make you swoon... COLOR CODED. OMG! For someone like me, a bit of a control freak & healthy addict of specific colors, not only is this perfect for my mind to map out but also for me to drink in colors I normally skip.

So as you can imagine I walked in slowly, allowing myself to breathe in the accessories that seem to whisper to me. I itch to search for the perfect items to spend my Valentine's Day giftcard on. Then it happens...the animal is loose!

I move from section to section, finding at least one thing in every one! My feet are quick along the tile floor, I skirt other women as my eyes catch sight of my prey. I smoothly pick up a tunic laid down on a shelf and deftly maneuver carrying three purses & two boxes of shoes. I pile clothes on my arm, not caring about tangled hangers I smile as I march to the dressing room.

I try them on. Select half to look at a second time. Then pair it down to a few items that I absolutely adore...then it happens. I stand in the oversized dressing room looking at a bench and there lay 4 tops, 3 dresses, 1 pair of shoes, 5 purses & some earrings. I CANNOT buy it all it is more than the giftcard amount - I still have books to purchase after work at Home #2 (Barnes&Noble)...HOW DO I CHOOSE??

For a moment I want to just hug each piece. Instead I pick them up and sit on the bench examining each one & its uses. Then after thirty minutes I narrow it down: 2 tops, 2 dresses, no shoes, no earrings - 3 purses...still not where I need to be. I decide to do the annoying thing. Cart it all up to the counter & make that split decision as the total builds on the register.

Yeah, that's me, long blonde hair, blue eyes, turquoise top, black pants, black heels standing at the register biting her lip as the girl begins to ring up my selections.
"Wait." I whisper. She pauses.

I look down at the items, a sigh escapes my lips. "Just these today." I say and bow my head, defeated by that annoying little voice ("Marcus will kill you - you better not get it all!").

A small smile at the one dress, one shirt.

But WAIT! The dress is on sale! The dress is on sale!
She smiles at me and waits as I must choose. OH DEAR LORD! I had just gotten comfortable with the decision! Now I look back at the pile, ask how much my total is... is still under the giftcard amount...a devious grin spreads across my face and I put the purse in front of her.

She nods conspiratorially, that female understanding of shopping.

So yes, I walk out with one shirt, one dress & one new purse... and $0.71 cents left on my giftcard...head held high I step out the door and turn to the right...there is still time to head across the street to B&N...


  1. I noticed the store is in the Woodlands! I'm moving near there this summer. I'll have to check it out! You have my mouth watering!!!!

  2. My family just had story time as we say around the table and I read your post. I tried to do your proud and really get the emphasis just right... And you should have seen the smile slowly spread across Mike's face and his head start to bow as it shook side to side!

  3. You crack me up! What a funny story. I am SO indecisive too, it's ridiculous, so I definitely feel your pain there. Oooh, and purses are my weakness! How did you pick just one?! lol. Hope you got some good stuff! Sounds like you did.

  4. I love dropping by your blog. It's like entering a charming, clever boutique, and I always see something that makes me happy. :) Love this post. I have ADHD every time I shop! I think I need to get out a bit more... if not to an actual store then to your next posting.

  5. Very proud of you Court, it's a hard thing to say no...i feel your pain

  6. This post truly brings back memories (long past and recent)since I have been on many of these outings with you. I'm so proud of you for staying with your budgeted amount( you were never able to stay within mine)haha!But seriously I love going shopping with you, you make it such an adventure.

  7. Pam - YAY! So glad you are getting one, they are so addictive! (in a good way of course)
    Tracy - lol so glad to entertain! Poor Mike, he may actually be glad of the distance between our homes sometimes... ;o)
    Steph - oh purses..they are my achilles heel and at CC's they are everywhere: all shapes, sizes, colors...oh the agony!
    Roxy - thank you so much! I don't think I have ever had a such a sweet compliment before - I hope to continue being a frequent stop of yours!
    David - yeah. It is so hard! Especially in a store that has everything at such affordable prices...its like kryptonite on my wallet...
    Mom (dsunshine) - yes, many, many trips...this most recent one was a blast! I loved dressing up my new "mom" doll! You were such a good sport & I am glad you were patient with my choices. As for the budget thing...I kind of stayed in yours..sometimes...every now & then...maybe... ;o) Love you! I look forward to your next visit!


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