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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I was honored with the OVER THE TOP award from Frankie Writes the other day! I have to say that I definitely am Over the at least pretty high maintenance... :o)

Okay so the rules are I have to answer the following questions & pass it on to 5 bloggers...

Your Cell Phone? AWESOME
Your Hair? Long
Your Mother? Gorgeous
Your Father? Warm
Your Favorite Food? PIZZA
Your Dream Last Night? Murder
Your Favorite Drink? Sweet Tea
Your Dream/Goal? Published
What Room Are You In? Kitchen
Your Hobby? drawing/shopping/reading/traveling/ many
Your Fear? Failure
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? Happy
Where Were You Last Night? Out
Something That You Aren't? Tall (oh Frankie how I had to put this)
Muffins? Blueberry
Wish List Item? Finish WIP with Pride
Where Did You Grow Up? Rural South
Last Thing You Did? Write
What Are You Wearing? Dress
Your TV? On
Your Pets? Peanut Butter Barr
Friends? Supportive
Your Life? Wonderful
Your Mood? Content
Missing Someone? Friends
Vehicle? JEEP
Something You Aren't Wearing? Watch
Your Favorite Store? Barnes&Noble
Your Favorite Color? Black
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? 15 minutes ago
Last Time You Cried? Yesterday
Your Best Friend? Fantastic
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Barnes&Noble (no soy latte Frankie but kick a** rice crispy treat ;o) )
Facebook? Yes but only to snoop
Favorite Place To Eat? Home

Okay Over the Top Blogs:

Karen Amanda Hooper - because her mermaid concept definitely sounds Over the Top & I am loving it!
Shannon Messenger - because her USC lessons are wonderful & the fact that she shares them is just...well.. Over the Top

Mariah Irvin - because, okay lets face it who doesn't love a good Western & her "Jane's Air" sounds wonderful, plus the love for James McAvoy...Over the Top.. ;o)

Sara McClung - because that trailer for "Shattered"... um sensational & Over the Top!

Tracy of A Blissful Life - because I just discovered her blog (thank you Shannon O' ironically it is due to you already giving her this award, but I can't help it..she deserves it!) and I LOVE it! Definitely Over the Top!

So please if you already visit these blogs - bravo! If you don't shame on you & you should start now! Thank you Frankie for such a fun award!


  1. Wearing a dress? You are a Southern gal. Is that a stereotype? Sorry. But I guess that's the fashion victim in me. I hate wearing dresses. Lisa thinks I need an intervention because according to her, I'm turning into our mom. Kill me. I want to be comfortable.

    Congratulations on all the awards!

  2. You are waaay over the top and we love you for it! Congratulations, Princess. I'm thrilled you found Tracy - she's such a sweetheart! :-)

  3. Congrats! Love posts that dish a little dirt :)

  4. Frankie - yes thank you! I love it!
    DL - thank you! Thank you for stopping by too!
    Marybeth - oh our poor Twitter N Withdrawal friend! Thank you for stopping by...I cannot wait to tweet your latest entry ;o)
    LiLa - lol yes I do fit that stereotype. I only own 2 pairs of pants that are appropriate for public, the remainder of my closest is skirts & dresses (all kinds). Yeah its the Southern in me...
    Shannon O' - aww! I love being over the top! ;0) Thanks, I love to see you stop by & yeah Tracy's blog is great!
    Wendy - dirt is good... so long as it is no blog war or major dare on these things..they get... well... dirty lol
    Liz (Cleverly Inked) - Thank you! I loved your castles... gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by ;o)
    Karen - thank you! You so deserve it! ;o)

  5. Congrats on your award, and thanks so much for passing it on to me! I'm a little behind the times, thanks to holidays, but I sure do appreciate it.


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