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Friday, February 19, 2010

Win the WAKE trilogy SIGNED! via Shannon Messenger!

( picture "stolen" from Shannon's Blog forgive me Shannon ;o) )
Okay the books above are not just there to taunt you at awesome stories...
they are there for you to win!
Yes to win...
of course that is only if I don't get them first!
That's right, the awesome Shannon Messenger has decided to grace us with an amazing on over to her blog...enter... I dare you.
Of course, sure I am a sweet Southern girl, Princess, Royalty, face of my Kingdom...
so yeah, I will give you a run for your money...
oh yeah...
just watch out a cast iron biscuit pan throws a mean punch
or maybe just maybe I get you good...
with sugar & sweet tea & a smile...
take a chance...enter... ;o)
oh yeah ...mention me when you enter... ;o)


  1. Don't use the cast-iron biscuit pan again. Anything but that... Thanks for the heads-up on that great contest. Those books look good! (I posted an award for you this morning.)

  2. Wow, I know I check you blog everyday but it is almost exhausting (in a good way) to keep up with you girl! Love you and good luck on your contests. I hope your competition realizes how deadly you are with a cast iron pan!


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