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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Adventures of Gnick the Gnome!

Come one! Come ALL!! I am here to tell you about a crazy week...

One of adventure! One of exploration! One of many...
Some of you may know that MaryBeth of DesperatelySearchingforMyInnerMaryPoppins, held the most masterful of contests recently.
Yes, yes, I excitedly entered never expecting to actually win...
But I did and the prize is phenomenal!
We welcomed Gnick into our home with open arms!

He came into the house a little bit naked..but we remedied that in no time.
Now all dressed up and ready to go!

Peanut was so excited to meet his new brother, Gnick!

Gnick the Gnome told us that seeing the sights of Tuscaloosa top of his list!

Sightseeing down University Blvd... yay! Sunshine!

First stop...Bryant Denny Stadium!

There is so much to learn about at the University of Alabama!
(Marcus felt the most important things for Gnick to read about were at the stadium... ;o) )

Here Gnick stands in awe beneath a statue of the great coach Paul Bear Bryant...
Gnick could barely contain his excitement....

After touring campus we headed down to the Riverwalk!

Deep Thoughts
by Gnick the Gnome

Never bite children..they bite back.

When protecting a garden it would be good to watch out for the slugs..they are gross.

A gnome without his beard is sad sad gnome.

Wonder if I float??

The water was beautiful!
Then we discovered a secret place just for us...

Can you see the faeries? This place is perfect for water faeries...

The water tickled!
Then we headed out for a movie! Gnick's first movie!

LEAP YEAR - though it was about Ireland, we did not see one Leprechaun! Bummer.
But it was a lovely movie about love...

POPCORN! Gnick does need to learn to share better (he's a butter hog)....
Afterwards we met some of our was late so we had 'early'breakfast!

Then we showed Gnick a book all about GNOMES!

He was so excited to see the sketch of a gnome on the backflap!
Kaleb Nation's Bran Hambric explores the world of Gnomes & forbidden Magic - check it out!

It was a crazy week of adventures for Gnick & his new family. He watched TV, ate some yummy food & settled right in with everyone.
We want to thank MaryBeth for one cool contest & introducing us to Gnick.
He will have many more adventures & maybe, maybe he will share some in the future.
No matter what we are grateful to have him here!
We hope you enjoyed seeing his journey,
currently he is sitting with Marcus watching The Hangover..
we figured it would be a great lesson in what NOT to do.. ;o)


  1. Ha! Fun post, good lady. Very Amelie (watch that movie if you haven't already... :).

  2. Too much fun! I'm so very jealous...I really wanted to win that gnome. :)

  3. Oh, Princess, this was too fabulous for words! I can't wait to see what Marybeth says! Ha ha ha. I love the picture of Gnick in the popcorn - it looks like he really got around! Thanks for sharing his little adventures with us. I love it!!! :-)

  4. I am IN LOVE with this post!!! I have no idea why my brain did not put two and two together when you said new family member. Shows just how way out of it I have been.

    Gnick is beautiful!!! I am so happy you took him to see an awesome movie and read him a book about gnomes. He could not have been given to a better family!

    (Careful with that dog...gnomes don't like being licked... Repeat after me "DON'T LICK GNICK!")

  5. Hi, here from Marybeth's. This was an adorable post! Great, great fun. :)

  6. "Don't lick Gnick!" ROFL!! Oh, that is so dang funny! :-)

  7. Haha!! Too good, m'dear. Very funny post, and sweet as sugar. I am now crazy jealous that I do not have my own Gnick the gnome. Or a dog to give him a good licking.

  8. Awww! I am so glad y'all like Gnick! He is wonderful.
    Today he has learned that Saturday Jammie Day is the best! lol Though since he arrived in his birthday suit I am sure casual Saturdays are blase...;o)

    Marybeth - you have no idea how fun this has been and OH the ideas we have for future adventures! Next weekend will be another big one! yay!

    Oh yeah - He & Peanut get along grand! They are napping together now.. will have to post that pic soon... I think Peanut may be a little scared of Gnick's clover...something about wishes - consequences & the vacuum (Peanut is terrified of the vacuum...)

  9. Oh my!
    He's MAD cool. I want him. Does he have any relatives that are available for adoption? ;)

  10. I wish you could have heard just how loud Mike and I were laughing! Welcome to Bama Nation Gnick!!!! You thave the best parents to show you around but.... Start sharing your popcorn next time...Marcus won't go so easy on you if you hog again!

  11. Hiya, sweetie! I left you an award at my blog!

  12. Very fun post! What a fun place you live! Beautiful, too.

  13. You are all so wonderful!

    Yes Tuscaloosa is gorgeous Elana! you should visit! ;o)
    Gnick would give you a great tour!


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