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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Gnome! A Zombie! Children! Oh My!

Well I am pecking away with my left hand. It sure is loving all this time on the keys. It has always thought that the right side of the keyboard was nothing more than a selfish tease! (for those who don't know, I.. um.. injured my right hand and well typing with it is more than funny - my husband is amused that my left hand by itself is still more accurate & quicker than his two healthy hands on a keyboard :o) )

So while I was recovering from a strep-throat type of incident & the Hand Debacle of 2010, my children came for a visit. They loved Gnick and had a blast getting to know him. (no biting occurred during any point of the visit, thank goodness) He was quite smitten by the girls...

They love their uncle Marcus too!
Now as most of you know we welcomed Gnick the Gnome into our family only a few weeks ago. He had a Grand Adventure during his first week. Well, since that week we have been learning the ins and outs of our special little Gnome. MaryBeth (the lovely young lady who handled our adoption of Gnick) had already given me a few good lessons about Gnomes. So at least we weren't blindsided by some of his idiosyncrasies! But not even MaryBeth was able to prepare me for some things...

Gnick HATES to be interrupted while reading. If you do, then you will be guaranteed punishment. His favorite way to get back at you: sit on the book you are reading and not let you open it. Yes, yes he is small.... but he makes this clicking noise when angry & it is SO ANNOYING!!!...

Gnick is not a fan of crumb-ies. Now this one I can get on board with (If you are a Friends fan you KNOW how Monica feels about these)... you know when you are eating & crumb-ies get on the floor or the couch or your book or the computer and you DON'T clean up after yourself. Yeah. Gnick will collect all the crumbies you dropped then when you are sleeping he will put them in your jammies. Yeah it does NOT feel good. (ask my husband)

Then there is his ever growing demand when I am blogging. HE MAKES ME CLICK ON ALL THE BLOGS IN ONE SITTING! YES. He DOES! Normally I rotate the ones I click on so that I am not sucked into the blackhole that can be blog stalking and spend HOURS reading updates (though wouldn't it be wonderful if you could literally set aside one entire day for the WHOLE DAY *sigh*), but he likes to peruse them all in one sitting...but...I fixed that yesterday. *muahahahahahahaha*

I opened Shannon Messenger's blog not warning him about Zombiedillo... oh yeah...GNICK FREAKED OUT! it was hilarious. He ran so fast over to the bookshelf and hid behind SHIVER by the amazing Maggie Stiefvater . Marcus thought the irony of that was worth the entire episode!

So after he saw Zombiedillo, I now get to peruse my blogroll at my own discretion, then I tell him about the awesome entries..But just to mess with him...I printed out a picture of Zombiedillo and hid it in my copy of A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker,its next on his reading list, courtesy of Karen Amanda Hooper's awesome contest. Just wait until he gets to chapter 5... he will be so surprised.... *heeheehee*

Happy Friday Everyone!
(oh and to the new followers: those 4 adorable kids are some of my nieces & nephews and don't worry my craziness isn't contagious...Gnick's on the other hand...well just use antibacterial lotion whenever he pops up in an entry...)


  1. I'm glad Gnick is settling into your family well. I knew he'd be the right fit!

  2. *Dies Laughing*

    Zombiedillo is pleased with his spreading fame. He says he'd be happy to haunt you for a bit, so long as you're willing to provide him with Twizzlers. ;)

  3. Gnick is so funny. That is a gnome with real personality! Your children are gorgeous. Thanks for this great post.

  4. ROFL!! Oh, Princess, this is too funny! Posts like this are why we love you so much. Ha ha. :-)

  5. Wow, you've got a lot going on over there! Glad Gnick is getting settled in and here's to your hand healing quickly!

  6. Great post! Thanks for the pictures, I really missed seeing every one.The kids are growing so fast and so prescious.

  7. Your nieces and nephews are adorable!

  8. Thank you so much for a great Friday post. It made me smile on a day that hasn't been fun. And your neices and nephews are too cute. :)

  9. Hahaha! What cute kiddies! And I had no idea Gnick was so small. Your previous pics made him look gigantic! Hope the hand and the throat heal up for you. And soon! What a stinky thing to deal with. thanks for the fun post. By the way, I'd gladly absorb some of your crazy. It's a fun, cheery sort of crazy ;)

  10. Yes dear your kiddies are adorable...(in my biased opinion) :) They love Gnick and have talked about him all week!! It has helped with my crumbies too!

    Jess: I love to play with Gnick the gnome! he is so cute and loveable!I am so glad i didnt leave crumbies!!!!Tell Gnick i said hi !

    Love you!! hey mom we missed you too!!

  11. Miss Courtney... When did those darling kids get SO big! Uts only been 1.5 yrs since i've seen them and oh my goodness! I'm glad Gnick was able to keep such good company...

  12. Hi! I found your wonderful blog by way of Noelle Nolan's site. You have a great space here! It's always nice to meet a fellow Georgian (even though I'm not "from here" LOL). I look forward to following and reading more from you!

    :) Nicole

  13. Gnick is a cutie. My garden fairies have a crush on him. ;)

  14. Marybeth - Yes, Gnick really is settling in well. He is having a blast with all the kids.

    Shannon - lol Zombiedillo is AWESOME! Not to mention the best thing to get Gnick with every now and then ;o) Yeah, bought some more twizzlers just in case...

    Roxy - Thanks. Oh & thanks about the kids too. These are only 4 of the many (they are my sisters) they are just growing so fast! I love being able to visit with them.

    Shannon O' - yay! gald to make you laugh! All the love back at ya! ;o)

    Elana - as always, thank you SO much for stopping by. Yes, tons of stuff over is never boring. Thank you on the healing wishes..this leftie is getting fast! lol

    dsunshine - love you mom - it is always good to see you one here.

    Steph - thanks, I definitely think they are just precious!

    sarahjayne - glad to make you smile. So sorry your Friday was not going well... hopefully you had a good weekend!

    Carol - lol its all in perspective, isn't it? He IS small but what a HUGE personality ;o) I will totally share some crazy!

    bama girl - Nina, you have a good biased opinion *wink*. Gnick is very glad he could help keep your house clean

    Jess - aww! Gnick loves you too! Glad you enjoyed meeting him

    Tracy - I KNOW! They are growing WAY TOO FAST!!!! Yikes! They are gorgeous!

    Nicole - YAY! Thanks for stopping by! So glad to have another Southerner! Visit anytime ;o)

    Karen - you made Gnick blush..He is quite intrigued..Faeries??Hmmmm.. he just may have to put on his fancy shoes for them... ;o)

  15. Loved the alloverness of this post!


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