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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Real Post Tomorrow... Promise ;o)

Sorry for the lack of a post since Friday...I have injured my right hand.

Yep. I can type, it just takes a good bit longer than bear with me. I am typing a real post that you will see tomorrow.

For tonight I am pecking away and laughing at my left is excited to get so much attention ;o)


  1. Yay! ALSO, SQUEEEE you won Maggie's can I bribe you to let me read The Replacement when you're done?

  2. We have really missed you, Courtney. Sorry about the hurt hand. I hope you're going to be okay, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post.

  3. Congrats on your win:) Hope your hand gets better soon.

  4. You should do a post just seeing what kind of story you can come up with using just your left hang... ;)

  5. Looking forward to seeing your new post. Hope your hand feels better! I have been showing off my new purse, book and scarf to everyone who will listen. lol ;)


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