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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anton Chekov makes this Long Winter Better & a few Birthday Shoutouts!

"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy" -Anton Chekov

This is my mantra for this Winter.

I am always looking forward to Spring & Summer. I wish for warm weather and pine for sunny afternoons. This winter though, I have decided, is here to test me. Winter has decided to see if I can live by Chekov's words. I am glad to say that I think I am doing okay. There are moments where the wind cuts through me and I let the misery fill in my cuticles... but then all it takes is a weekend like this past one. Where the sun came out, but the wind stayed and I stood outside drinking in the Alabama sun. It is still Winter but it is Winter with a Splash. I did not think about wanting Spring & Summer, I did not wish Winter away, I merely enjoyed the day.

I was happy.
I am happy.

So no matter what Winter throws at me from here forward I will just exist within the moment, neither wishing time faster nor wishing it to slow down, I will just enjoy it.

If it snows, well, who doesn't love Snow Ice Cream...
if it rains..what better sound on your roof is there..
if its hot.. where is the nearest pool of water (creek, river, pool - whatever)..
if it storms... ahhh what better atmosphere for a good book and glass of tea...

Yes, weather do as you will, create my ambiance and remind me how happy I am to experience it all...

On another note, it is Dr. Seuss' birthday today!!

It is rare that a child anywhere has not been touched by Dr. Seuss in some media. Be it a movie, a cartoon, a book or just his rhyming words. His work is that of a legend that makes education a fantastical journey that I enjoy immensely. His whimsical characters brought to life with simple rhymes and colorful illustrations are imprinted in my memory. I still remember the One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish word for word.

Poster courtesy of the James Kennedy Public Library

If you want a fun and interactive look at Dr. Seuss' creations check out Seussville there are tons of things to do and explore courtesy of Random House. Click on the link, remember your childhood or discover new characters from a great author.

I also want to say
to Frankie !!

She is an amazing author and a hilarious blog war aficionado. If you don't already follow her, well get over on the won't be disappointed!

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Have a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. Loved this cheerful post, but I don't like the Winter Test. It isn't fun. I'll try to live by that Chekov quote. It's a really good one!

  2. In honor of your post, and Dr. Seuss's birthday...

    Whether weather is bad, or just isn't so good,
    If the sun doesn't come out to play like it should,
    Remember that Chekov said you can be happy,
    No matter what weather and whether it's crappy.
    So smile, have a tea, a Long-Island one, maybe,
    'Cause Spring'll be here pretty soon, now. Yeah, baby!


  3. Totally a great mantra to live by!

  4. Cute post!! I have to admit that my personal favorite Dr. Seuss is Go Dogs Go!! In a scooter or in A Car! go near or go Far! Love it!! I am ready for spring too... the snow can go!

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  6. Juju - Thanks! Always nice to see your icon!

    Roxy - yes this Winter Test sucks, but hey is there ever really a test that is fun?? ;o)

    Simon - I LOVE IT!!! I could not stop grinning! I read it over and over and over! Thank you!! So glad you are still sneaking around on your hiatus!

    Daisy - Thank you so much for stopping by! I was on your site just the other day, it is such a fun stop on my blogroll!

    bamagirl1 - thank you... that one is good too. I cannot think about Spring. I must not let the temptation distract me from the test ;o)

    Frankie - you are so very welcome. You deserve TONS of birthday wishes!

    Jet - why thank you!

  7. Thanks for posting my contest! :) and... yay Seuss!


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