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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well it finally arrived. My lunch at California Pizza Kitched on Saturday with other TWILIGHTERS!!! I had the most fun. Lucy, the young woman who organized everything, made us all T-shirts of a favorite Twilight saying. Mine was: Take Care of My Heart, I've Left it With You. I LOVE when he leaves her that note!! Anyway, she even thought to bring a big beautiful bouquet of FREESIA! It smelled heavenly! I am not sure if CPK was ready for our rowdy group, but our waitress & the manager handled us with ease. They really were great to our group.

9 women arrived at 11 a.m. to meet up for our lunch. (the doors were not yet open to CPK when we first walked up so outside chatting began) Most of us had never met, there were a few that knew one another & were part of creating their own "how I found Twilight" stories. All of us from around Alabama, all of us lovers of Stephenie Meyer. I found myself more at ease than I expected to be. It is one thing to badger your mother, best friend, husband, roommate, or boyfriend about a book series. It is an entirely other experience to throw that passion for a fictional story out to the world without the comfort & protection of a computer screen or bloodties. As soon as the t-shirts were handed out & we all fawned over our quotes the talking began. It seemed like the wind being let out of a balloon. We all found that once you are with a group that truly has a passion for the same thing that subject matter is never at a loss. The doors to CPK opened and we wandered in to be grouped at a large table in the corner. Our poor waitress - we were not exactly focused on the menu - as you can imagine :) Stories of who we are, how we found the Cullens, the men in our lives & their reactions to our obsession and our view of everything Twilight tumbled across the table. Laughter rang out so loud that the Manager checked on us & due to the Twilight tees well, we were noticeable. (we may have gotten at least 3 young girls to go read the books - cross your fingers - and the manager was kind enough to take our pictures) lol. Once the orders were placed & food had arrived you would think we slowed down - only minutely & to an outside observer one would have wondered how we were talking & eating at the same time. (don't worry - no icky talking & eating :) )

Stories of followed Silver Volvos, only buying Sunny Meadow eggs, Eclipse breath mints, real life Edwards in Volvos telling us "no my name is not Edward", and russet toned men who can't keep their shirts on were passed around like tic tacs. It was a day of fun, frivolity, and vampires - who could ask for more on a hot Alabama Saturday??

Meet some other TWILIGHTERS (I apologize for any misspellings or incorrect names - boy I hope I don't do that :) )

Kirsten,Rachel,Danielle,Yvvonne,me,Lucy,Darlene, Sandy, Lori
After my afternoon of Twilight fanaticism, I attended the Miss Alabama pageant with my sister. Her cousin (on her husband's side) Rachel was competing for the very first time. She won Miss Phenix City & discovered this pageant was the next level. She is 17, beautiful, and well found a bit of culture shock in the pageant circuit! If you have never been a pageant girl being thrust into the wolves (no pun meant for my Twilight readers) it is not a piece of cake. She did not place but did win some scholarship money. Nina & I had a blast watching these beautiful, accomplished young women speak on their platforms, perform amazing talents, and showcase some beautiful dresses. I don't know about other states, but I was impressed with Alabama's group of MENSA members, White House representatives, and Non-Profit charitable group creators that were in this collection of women. These women are beautiful, but trust me the outer layer is truly only layer 1, beneath that are strong, independent, smart, ambitious citizens. The young woman who won played the piano so beautifully and handled her questions eloquently. It has to be nerve racking being up there and talking about these close to your heart topics. It was enlightening to say the least, as for the performances in between the girls - well lets just say they chose the 80's for the theme & there were some lyrical dances. ENOUGHT SAID! lol.
(my sister Nina & Rachel)


  1. Ok really sound like Candice Brown's character on Miss Congeniality going on and on about the merits of the SCHOLARSHIP program! I'm so glad that you had such and blast at your Twilight group. Group therapy is always the best!

  2. Courtney, I had no idea what I started when I reccomended those books! You are insane and I love it because it, ironically, keeps me grounded in life outside my home!


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