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Friday, June 13, 2008

INCOMING: Southerners to the Big Apple!

WOOHOO! My sister Nina & I are headed to NEW YORK CITY!!! Stephenie Meyer happens to be doing a signing at the Nokia Theater in Times Square! Cross your fingers that we can get tix to the signing because as of right now we flight booked, hotel booked & headed to New York on July 31st for a girls weekend in the city!!! I am so excited. It makes it seem like Breaking Dawn will be here faster even though I know it won't! My wonderful brother in law is going to take care of their kids, so me & my sister are going to have a girls weekend!!!!Yippee!!!I love New York & have been itching to go back & thankfully things fell into place.
I have got a heck of a schedule coming up over the next months. This month I head to Camden next weekend; then Atlanta the 27-29th and then in July we go to Camden from the 3rd - 6th; then Houston, Texas from 25-27th; then July 31- August 3rd is New York; August 17-19th is Pittsburgh, PA; then August 23-September 1st is Disney World. WHEW!!! Crazy! And all the regular stuff in between!!!
My flight miles are about to really add up! It seems we do this every year at end of summer. Last year was no exception! I think we lived at the beach, this year I may only see it once :( but I get to see some other great locations :) (only the Pittsburgh trip is work so at least I can classify all the rest as leisure)
I promise to take as many pics of every place as often as possible - which reminds me I need a new battery & memory card.... hmmm... I may need to head out the door and run to town. Anyway, I was bursting with the news so I had to post!!!


  1. How fun!!! I love how enamored you are with the Twilight series. I may need to read them again before Breaking Dawn comes out so I can makes sure I remember everything! I noticed there is not trip to STL in your plans...OH I know your waiting until later in the year...that's right!

  2. Courtney, you crack me up! I can totally see you living it up in New York! I am a teensie bit jealous that you'll get to see Stephenie Meyer, though. You should add dinner at the Martin's to your summer schedule. Seriously, we need to get together even if it's just for lunch!

  3. I am so excited!!!! A weekend away with just us...You better get crackin on those plans. I cant wait to see you and Stacey this weekend. Pray for me... Thurs. will be draining... I love you!!

  4. Courtney!
    I am so glad that I get a chance to meet you in NY! go TM's!


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